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Review: the 15-week blow-dry at Sugar Cubed

The 15-week blow-dry at this new salon promises to entirely makeover your hair – but how does it affect curls?

Fri, Nov 1, 2013, 12:30


I’m not especially particular about my hair – honest – and I like to think that I’m pretty easygoing when I’m in the hairdressing chair. I’ve been known to utter the immortal words “just do what you want” and “sure cut off all the damage” (with varying results). But when it came to trying out the 15-week blow-dry, I was more than a little hesitant.

Curly hair is tough to get right, and it’s something that (I think) I’ve managed to master only in the last couple of years (after 25-plus years of practice). There’s a balance to be struck between fierce and frizz, and the products you use are of utmost importance. For the record: I wash and condition it almost every day, combing through the conditioner in the shower. Then I add oil to the ends (Kerastase Elixir Ultime, to be precise) and then a styling product, either L’Oreal Techni Art mousse or Sebastian Potion No 9.

What would the 15-week blow-dry do to my hair? When offered the treatment, I immediately responded with the same. Would my hair end up straight, for a whole 15 weeks? (While I occasionally enjoy straight locks, I’m usually happy when it’s time to wash and go back to my curly mane.)

Lynn at Hunter Communications, the PR company that deals with Sugar Cubed, the younger sister salon to Brown Sugar, called me up and reassured me. “My hair is as curly as yours and I’ve had it done – and when I washed it, the day after [no waiting around as with previous Brazilian blow-dries] I could go straight back to curly. But it takes out all of the frizz and it’s in much better condition.” I was convinced.

Tiago at Sugar Cubed administered my GKHair 15-week blow-dry, a treatment that promises to infuse the hair with keratin – which is sealed in using straighteners once your hair is dry – and leave it glossy and shiny, with none of that damaged-hair frizz.

Well, did it work? Mostly yes, with a small caveat. So the treatment itself is a long one – thankfully I’d brought my phone charger, and used my three-hour salon time to get some work done – that involves the hair being coated in the GKHair solution, which includes Juvexin, a protein compound that is scientifically proven to penetrate the hair shaft, rather than coating the outside, a waiting time, a wash and condition time, blow-dry and then that all-important straightening, where the ceramic plates seal in the keratin.

Afterwards, my hair was straight – oh, so very straight – and softer than I’d ever felt it before. Curly hair, when straightened, often feels coarse, but after this I felt, honestly, as if I had naturally super-straight hair that was in great condition. But how about the day after, when I’d washed and styled it as usual?

As you can see, the curls were still out in full force! My hair felt – and still feels, a fortnight later, softer than ever before – and it’s a dream to wash, brush and blow-dry. It honestly feels like entirely new hair. The caveat I hinted at before is that, for me, my hair styles slightly better – the curls are bigger and I can backcomb it more successfully – when it’s a little damaged. The sleeker and shinier it is, the harder it is to get any purchase on the hair. I also find that, since it’s in such fab condition, it gets greasy a little sooner than before – so I definitely have to wash it every day (not a huge deal as I wash it most days anyway).

These aren’t necessarily dealbreakers – I would definitely recommend getting it done (if you have the cash – it starts from €150 and that’s an introductory offer), and I will 100 per cent be coming back for more when my hair is feeling a little too damaged. I was particularly impressed that it didn’t take the curl out of my hair, and the condition is something worth writing home about. I do miss my slightly messier, out-of-control hair, but – as I said – that’s a very particular thing to me and how I like my mane.

Sugar Cubed is located at 1A Westbury Mall, Clarendon St, Dublin 2.