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House of Fraser’s festive spirit

Now that the pesky business of Halloween is done with, we can move on to talking about Christmas – for the next two months. Solidly

Fri, Nov 1, 2013, 08:40


I know, I know – typical, right? Halloween is just over and already we’re moving on to Christmas. It’s just that I can’t, in all good conscience, continue to ignore the daily barrage of Christmas-themed emails – not to mention the fact that a visiting friend who announced she had to pick up “the last of” her Christmas presents reminded me that not everyone is so last-minute about Christmas as I am.

So it seemed like as opportune a time as any to give you a look at what House of Fraser has in store for Christmas, from yet another one of the UK department store’s stylish lookbooks.

As you can tell from the shots above, Christmas is a very traditional affair for House of Fraser – we’re talking luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet and faux fur; metallic threads in brocade dresses; and a very high-end monochrome in the form of black and oyster, with the odd bit of Christmas red thrown in for good measure.

This dress, above, from my much-loved Mary Portas line at House of Fraser, is my favourite – possibly because it’s not screaming “Christmaaaaaassss!” in quite such an overt way, and I could definitely see myself getting lots of wear out of it in the months after (and before) the event itself.

Along similar lines, this shirt’n'trews combo is infinitely wearable – those Gestuz trousers have my name all over them. (Or, rather, the name of my slightly thinner, slightly richer twin.)

This Christmas, I’ll be trying really, really hard not to end up buying four Christmas-only items – you know the ones, sequined, embellished, very, very festive, in a never-wearing-these-again way – and focusing on accessorising my slightly plainer separates in a Christmassy way. Reindeer earrings, anyone?

House of Fraser is at Dundrum Town Centre and online at