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Fearne Cotton for Littlewoods Ireland A/W 2013

The DJ and TV presenter’s latest collection for Littlewoods Ireland has launched, with a new look for Cotton

Mon, Oct 14, 2013, 07:30


Littlewoods Ireland sent out information – and pictures – of Fearne Cotton’s latest range for the online retailer this week, with the tag line that it was Fearne’s first shoot since giving birth (she had her son Rex in February of this year).

Of course, all eyes are then on Fearne’s body as she competes with every other celebrity in the world – at least in the Daily Mail‘s eyes – for fast comeback time. Personally? I couldn’t give two hoots about whether or not Fearne’s lost the baby weight or not, but I am concerned about how un-Fearne-like she looks in these shots.

Fur-trim PU jacket, €58

It’s not just me, right? It was pointed out on Fash Mob’s Facebook page that she looks like an entirely different person. In previous Littlewoods shoots, Fearne has been playful and smiley, but now she looks terribly serious altogether.

Sparkle shirt dress, €79

Still, the pieces are cute and the prices are good, although I’m not totally excited about the range (I’m more covetous of her foot tattoo than her clothing, which can’t be ideal).

Polo neck, €45

What say ye? Is it a yay or a nay to Fearne’s new collection – and her new look?

Knitted peplum top, €37 and brocade trousers, €45

Coat, €99