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Review: A night at the Druids Glen Resort and Spa

The Wicklow hotel with a seriously luxurious spa experience and only a 40-minute drive from Dublin

Thu, Sep 19, 2013, 11:35


Staying in beautiful hotels is one of the major perks – nay, probably the major perk – of being in media. (There’s also the fact that, if you’re in New York and fancy going on a cruise out to the Statue of Liberty, you don’t have to pay if you flash your press card. This has never worked anywhere else, and I have tried.) So when the folk at Druids Glen invited me down for a look-see, I was nothing if not enthusiastic.

For some reason, I had it in my head that any decent spas in Ireland were miles away from Dublin. Perhaps I saw it as the true downside of city living – but when I thought about spa resorts, I thought of Monart, Inchydoney, Brook Lodge and so on. As a result, the 40-minute drive to Druids Glen took me entirely by surprise.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Druids Glen is a golf hotel. There are loads of people playing golf. There are golf-y things everywhere (y’know, club houses and flags). I do not like golf, or people who play golf, thanks to a stint working in a golf club as a teen. So when I walked up to the front doors, I was expecting it to be a little stuffy and very golfy (y’know, drunk men and woman drinking glasses of Guinness around every corner).

I needn’t have worried: my one-night stay at Druids Glen was nothing short of perfect. Right after I arrived, I toddled off to my room and changed into a robe (I have a whole blog post prepared on how I very optimistically suspect that hotel robes are getting smaller) before toddling down to the spa for a deep tissue massage, which was administered by the diminutive Róisín.

I don’t think of myself as being particularly size-ist, but when I saw the tiny woman who was about to attempt to deep-tissue me, I was sceptical. Suffice it to say, I needn’t have worried – she was incredible, and I felt amazing (good-sore) for days afterward.

Dinner that night was also incredible. Thanks to a new workout regime (more on which at a later date when I have some results to brag about), I was attempting to eliminate wheat, dairy, sugar, anything delicious, from my diet – so I opted for king prawns to start (enormous and oh-so tasty – and check out that presentation!) and lamb shank, which I ate before I could think to photograph it, for my main. When I returned to my room after dinner, I found the above left platter of desserts, which I was forced to leave uneaten (which resulted in my singing that line from Beauty & the Beast‘s Be Our Guest all night, “life is so unnerving for a servant who’s not serving”, as if the cakes were mad at me for not eating them).

Other details definitely worth writing home about: blackout curtains (why do so many hotels not have these?); memory-foam pillows; extra blankets; a top-notch turn-down service (I’m just about getting past feeling weird when people come in and tidy up my mess while I eat dinner); some of the loveliest staff I’ve met in a hotel yet; and – and this is the clincher – a separate area in the hotel restaurant for children. The joys!

I was a guest of Druids Glen Resort & Spa. You can currently avail of a two-night stay in Druids Glen, with breakfast and one evening meal, for €269 via Rewarding Times.