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Say hello to the A/W Boutique range from

This is the fourth season for the cut-price etailer’s luxury line, and the focus this time around is on ladylike shapes and textured fabrics

Wed, Sep 11, 2013, 07:30


This is not, needless to say, a post about investment purchases – instead, it’s about fast fashion: those items that interpret trends at break-neck speed and can be purchased for, very often, less than a packet of cigarettes. (I blame my grandmother for the fact that every financial comparison I make has cigarettes in it; she smoked 120 a day, and we frequently talk about how much that would cost her in today’s money.)

This is‘s fourth Boutique collection, and it riffs strongly on A/W’s ladylike trend, with pencil skirts and fitted, structured jackets in bold prints (lots of florals!) featuring strongly.

With prices starting at €30 for pieces from this limited-edition collection, it’s not at the lower end of’s price scale, unbelievably, but you’ll see the difference not only in design but in quality: the Boutique range uses more luxe fabrics and designs than’s main lines.

Though I like the slightly disturbed Hitchcock quality of the lookbook images you see here, my soft spots lie elsewhere: reserved for this leopard georgette shirt, for example (€30) or these faux pony boots in cool leopard print (€45). I guess my selection just proves that, despite the over-riding aesthetic of the lookbook, you can find items that aren’t all that ladylike at all. (What can I say? I’ve never been a pencil skirt ‘n’ gloves kinda gal.)

Boutique at is available now.