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Victoria Beckham S/S 2014: volume, androgyny and a dash of pink

Posh Spice produced yet another thoroughly gorgeous collection yesterday, as part of New York Fashion Week – and even Harper was impressed

Mon, Sep 9, 2013, 07:30


New York Fashion Week kicked off this past weekend, so the next four weeks will see Fash Mob become a very FW-focused space. Don’t be expecting non-stop show reports – for those, check out and keep your eyes pealed for Grazia Daily‘s behind-the-scenes, in-front-of-the-scenes, all-angles online and social media coverage.

What I will be doing is giving you snapshots of the shows that will have the biggest impact on the fashion we, the proletariat, consume (and digest), from the high street up. Starting with? None other than Victoria Beckham.

Vicky B has succeeded in becoming one of the most talked-about and best-respected designers on the NYFW schedule, evidence of which claim can be found in the packed FROW (including Harper!) at her 10am Sunday show.

While previous collections have seen Beckham toe a very specific party line – feminine silhouettes, fitted dresses and distinctly chic tones – yesterday’s showed a distinct departure from collections of yore. We’re talking tailored trousers with a mid-calf hem, pointed shirt collars and sharp, tailored jackets, with an element of androgyny throughout, not something one would expect from The Artist Formerly Known As Posh Spice.

The dress – the mainstay of Beckham’s previous collections and, without a doubt, her signature piece – was still very much in evidence, this time belted at the waist and flared below. The keyword of the collection was volume, in skirts, jackets, even in print and pattern, again, not words usually associated with the brand.

It seems that Beckham hasn’t lost her ability to surprise her fashion audience, from the very first collection when she proved her worth as more than a celebrity designer, to this – with geometric prints, bright pinks and boxy doctor’s bags all adding to an already entirely wearable, and covetable, collection. Jealous, moi?

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