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More A/W from Brown Thomas

Shots from the Brown Thomas ISPCC fashion lunch are in – and the high-fashion department store’s duds look better than ever

Mon, Sep 9, 2013, 11:30


I know, I know – we’ve done A/W 2013 at Brown Thomas. But I just love these photographs – from the ISPCC fashion lunch – too much to ignore them.

My sister works as a fashion designer in the US, and she was home this past week for some much-needed family time and baby-sharing, and we had a few great chats about fast fashion and how much we spend on clothing.

Without going into the kind of detail that would shame my mother, we concluded that we spend far too much on far too many items of clothing, that have little or no value to us after three washes. We decided that we should start saving our money and spending on higher-value items that will have some kind of longevity.

This is, however, a conversation I have with myself several times a year – and I still buy into Zara’s catwalk-inspired pieces, or Penneys’ criminally cost-effective poly-blend sweaters. Woe!

Are you a fast fashion buyer or an investment purchaser?