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Must-have haircare: Ojon Rare Blend

The latest additions to Ojon’s Rare Blend range, Deep Conditioner and Protecting Treatment, smell and look incredible – and, crucially, they really work

Fri, Sep 6, 2013, 07:30


In 2012, Ojon released its Rare Blend Oil, a hair oil that combined seven natural essential oils to moisturise, deep condition and improve the appearance of hair, natural or otherwise (Oprah swears by it), and it was an instant hit. Seriously, anyone who tries this oil is converted – not only does it smell and feel amazing (unless you go overboard; one tiny drop is all you’ll need through the ends of your hair), it looks fabulous in a bathroom cabinet, to boot.


Like any successful brand, Ojon is striking while the proverbial iron is hot, with the launch of two new additions to the range – Ojon Rare Blend Protecting Treatment and Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner.

Let’s call a spade a spade here: we’re not going to bog you down in descriptions, because these products are pretty self-explanatory. What you don’t get in the title is the research and ingredients that have gone into their creation.

In the case of the Rare Blend Deep Conditioner, the ingredients are key: it contains seven essential oils and three butters. More detail? Okay then! Oil-wise, we’re talking about good ol’ Ojon oil, Rouge Oleifera, Tahitian Monoi Oil, Marula Oil, Kalahari Melon Oil and Kukui Oil. The butters? Indian Kokum Butter, Brazil Murumuru Butter and African Shea Butter. Phew!

We’ve been given all the facts, so we could break ‘em all down for you, but we’ll leave you to do that research yourself: what you really want to know is what it does to your hair. It leaves it soft, silky, shiny, supple and other beautiful words that don’t start with S. This stuff is a wonder-drug for your hair.

And what about Rare Blend Protecting Treatment? Again, this contains seven oils from around the world (see above!), with the addition of honey, ginseng and lemongrass to nourish dry hair. It’s designed to protect hair against styling-induced damage, so it’s perfect for spraying before you get out the straighteners. (Top tip? Spray into the palm of your hand and smooth through the ends of your hair rather than wasting it by spraying from a distance!)

Like all of Ojon’s Rare Blend range, these guys smell incredible. We’ve been using ours at a rate of knots, happy and safe in the knowledge that we’ll be restocking our shelves at Arnotts in the near future. And we’ve been experimenting, to boot: mixing our Rare Blend Deep Conditioner with our Rare Blend Oil for a really great styling cream for curly hair (honest!).

Ojon is available at Arnotts, Dublin. Prices start at €23.45