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The Q&A: Caroline Issa, fashion editor and street-style star

Remember that time I met Caroline Issa? Well, I took the opportunity to ask some quick-fire questions designed to tell you where to eat, where to stay and what to wear to party with Kate Moss

Wed, Sep 4, 2013, 07:30


What are your favourite hotels around the world?

The Petit Moulin in Paris, originally designed by Christian Lacroix, and the interiors are just gorgeous – in the same way that Christian Lacroix is. In Thailand, there’s a hotel called the Six Senses Yao Noi, villas with your own infinity pool overlooking the most incredible island. The hotel at Pretoria in Penang in Malaysia and they have a cave as a swimming pool. Then I think it’s the Shangri-La in Shanghai which is the highest hotel, you check in on the 100th floor, it’s so cool.

What are your favourite restaurants?

Bocca di Lupo in London, Giacamo in Milan, Derriere in Paris and the Fat Radish in New York.

Heels or flats?


Is there a trick to walking in heels?

I think you have to invest in really comfortable heels, and you typically stick with that designer. The Parrots I’m wearing I have worn for the whole day during fashion week. Jimmy Choo do incredibly comfortable heels. One of the most unattractive things are if you’re not comfortable in your heels – go down in height or wear flats, it’s much better than waddling around in uncomfortable heels.

Skirts or trousers?

Trousers. I love a suit. For me, skirts are more for special occasions. I just love trousers.

What is a special occasion for someone who dresses up for work?

That’s a good question! I do go to lots of fun events, cocktail parties and you know at Christmas I was invited to this incredibly fancy Christmas party at this amazing house, and the invitation dress code was, “dress glamorous”. So I wore this amazing dress with a huge pink Mongolian fur tubby that made me look three sizes bigger. And I get there, and it’s London, kind of rock’n'roll, and everyone’s a little dressed down. And then – this is so name-dropping, but it helps the story – Kate Moss swans in wearing this baby blue Fendi fur and one of these McQueen type dresses, and I was like, yes, Kate Moss is dressed up too! I do so many events that I’ll definitely – if I don’t wear my YSL tuxedo, which is kind of my staple – I’ll do dresses and skirts.

Do you wear a lot of make-up?

I’ve only just learned to do a cat-eye. I do mascara and then I do a red lipstick. I wish I could, I love make-up, but I need every second of the day to count and I can’t be bothered.

What about skincare?

I’m completely addicted to this Clarins double serum right now that smells so good, and I use Kiehls skincare at night. I try to do a good facial at least four times a year. I do my own nails. I really only get manicures in New York, when they’re $8 manicures, I love those, but otherwise I’ve become an at-home nail girl. I love nail art, but it’s too crazy for me.

Caroline Issa is a fashion editor and entrepreneur. She has modelled for J Crew and designed a range of shoes for LK Bennett. She tweets @CaroIssa and you’ll find her handiwork in Tank and Because magazines. Top pic via Citizen Couture. You can read the other, extended Caroline Issa feature, here.