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Vintage style from Virgos Lounge at Divine

Like vintage? Then you’ll love Virgos Lounge, a glamorous formalwear label stocked in this Maynooth boutique

Tue, Sep 3, 2013, 16:02


I can’t be the only one for whom the past few months have seen more weddings than Saturdays – it feels as if wedding season will never end, and I’ll never find enough outfits (that aren’t too wedding-y) for all of them.

With this mad flurry of weddings, it stands to reason that we’d experience a form of wedding fatigue – you know, the point at which you realise you’re no longer noticing what anyone is wearing or what the father of the bride meant in his speech. So when, at a recent wedding, I found myself drawn back, again and again, to a girl in an incredible, vintage-style, beaded green dress, I knew she must have been on to something special.

Turns out she was dressed in Virgos Lounge, a vintage-inspired fashion label that’s stocked in Divine in Maynooth.

Think loads of beading and vintage silhouettes: maxi dresses, big shoulders, and sequins, sequins, sequins – and at really good prices, too. Divine’s selection starts at €75 – but if you check out the Virgos Lounge website you can get a few last-season bits (thanks to the vintage style, there’s no chance you’ll be off-trend) from £17.