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The GHD Eclipse: a review

The latest GHD is here, and it’s a good ‘un, designed specifically with unruly, usually un-tameable hair, in mind

Mon, Sep 2, 2013, 10:20


A couple of weeks ago – perhaps even months – now, GHD launched its latest straightening iron, the Eclipse. Perfectly for me, it’s designed specifically with the needs of very curly, thick or unruly hair in mind and promises to revolutionise our styling habits. (I suspect what they mean here is, “allow you to straighten / style your hair without giving up after 20 minutes, soaked in sweat and frustrated to high heaven”.)

So, what’s different? The Eclipse has three heat sensors in each plate – meaning that the heat is delivered constantly and evenly throughout. Moreover, heat is maintained at 185 degrees Celcius, which the bods at GHD have determined is the perfect heat for hair styling. Despite the high heat and multiple heat sensors, the Eclipse is cooler than any other straightener I’ve held – because of what they call Aerogel insulation in the straightener.

But let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

I popped into Peter Mark Style Club on South William St (which, incidentally, is very cool – I’d never been there before and it’s seriously slick, as per Emma’s very accurate review) for a trial of this shiny new piece of kit, with dry, rather frizzy, curly hair (above left – in my defence it didn’t look quite that bad, pre-brushing!).

Styling was done with the Eclipse straighteners from dry to what you see above right – the perfect curly blow-dry. I was seriously blown away (if you’ll excuse the pun) by how quickly and accurately these results were achieved – in all, I was in the chair for about 30 minutes.

Here’s a rear view. See? Amazing.

Now, it’s all well and good seeing how a professional can work his / her magic with hairdressing kit, but how about at home?

Well, I can tell you honestly that I have not been able to achieve the same curly-blow-dry results from the comfort of my bedroom. But what I have been able to do is straighten and curl the front segments of my hair, giving a nicely 1970s vibe to my ‘do, without sweating (thanks to the Aerogel I suspect) or wanting to murder everyone (thanks to the ease of use).

My housemate, who has very thick, straight hair, also reckons the Eclipse is a winner – she’s managed some fairly cool effects with it, and she’s about as low-maintenance as I am, so we both reckon we’re on to a winner!

The bad news? The GHD Eclipse, available from Peter Mark salons nationwide, will set you back €235 – so you may want to get saving.