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The original bodycon: Hervé Léger at the Outnet

The French designer’s famous bodycon bandage dresses are on sale at The Outnet, with up to 65% off their RRPs.

Thu, Aug 15, 2013, 12:30


Hervé Léger is a bit of a joke in the fashion world by now – blame Lindsay Lohan and pob-era Victoria Beckham – but no one can deny the influence of the French designer’s bodycon dresses on our fashion horizon.

And though the high street has spawned thousands of copycats, until you’ve seen and felt an original Hervé Léger, it’s tough to see what the appeal is of these €1,000-plus rayon-, nylon- and elastane-mix dresses. These babies are fabric powerhouses: first off, they’re heavy. In many cases, they may in fact weigh more than the women wearing them (that is a slight exaggeration). In all seriousness though, there is serious heft in these babies.

Think of them a bit like the Spanx of eveningwear: HL dresses are made of the tightest, stretchiest fabric imaginable, so that they suck you in and firm you up in all the right places. I remember using one, from Brown Thomas, in one of my first-ever Xposé shoots, and the model was so taken aback by how heavy and powerful it was – and though she started off aghast at the idea of spending €1,700 on a dress, by the end of the day she was pledging to save up for one.

For Hervé Léger converts, then, the latest influx of the designer’s dresses at The Outnet - with up to 65 per cent off – will be a godsend, and Net-a-Porter’s discount sister site is obviously excited about the news, too, enlisting DJ Alex Merrell (above) and model and actress Annabelle Dexter-Jones (top) to star in a campaign promoting the new drop.

Will I be buying one? It’s unlikely - I just don’t think I’m the bodycon type. But if I was, and I had the money, I would go for it, without a second thought for Posh, Lindsay, or the thousands of bags of Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles I could be buying with that money.

After all, if Oprah can spend €28,500 on a handbag (or, at least, try to) then I can definitely blow a grand on a dress.