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Irish designer collaboration: Joanne Hynes for Pretty Polly

Dublin’s Joanne Hynes is in good company with her designs for Pretty Polly, the hosiery company that counts Henry Holland and US label Alice + Olivia as guest designers

Wed, Aug 14, 2013, 07:30


I’m a big fan of Joanne Hynes‘ work – her embellished collars are so incredible – so when I heard that she was collaborating with Pretty Polly I was intrigued. So many of the tights brand’s collaborations have, for me, fallen pretty wide of the mark, but that may be down to my own conservative hosiery tastes, rather than the designs themselves. What can I say? I like my opaques (from M&S, natch).

And I’ll admit that, on first glance, I’m not that sold on these Joanne Hynes / PP numbers. Then I had another think, and it occurred to me that the real “statement” pieces of these tights aren’t going to be the gussets, all show-stopping bright colours. The more subtle accents – those grey rear seams, for example – will be what people see beneath skirts and dresses, and the idea of a grey seam on a pair of sheer black tights really does appeal.

Similarly, the slight sparkle to the centre pair is quite cute and unexpected – imagine wearing them under a floor-length dress with a side slit, for example, for just a glimpse of glitter. That said, the love hearts on the right have a novelty factor that my most adventurous impulse could never overcome.

Here’s some of Joanne’s A/W 2011 collection – the mash-up of textures is incredible.

The JOANNE HYNES x Pretty Polly range will be available from Asos, Topshop and Joanne Hynes’s own online store.