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Just in: Rihanna’s A/W River Island campaign – a bit like sexy All Saints

More for RiRi fans with the imminent launch of her autumn/winter collection for River Island. Think camo, bodycon and, eh, Timberland boots.

Tue, Aug 13, 2013, 07:30


It doesn’t seem to matter much to Rihanna – or to River Island – that her debut collection for the UK high-street retailer was pretty much universally panned by critics. Rihanna fans voted with their wallets and as a result, the collection was a commercial success. So much so that it’s being followed up with an A/W collection comprising 80 pieces that will land in selected stores and online on September 12th.

So what’s the vibe? In a lot of ways, we’re talking more of the same – urban-led, street-style-influenced separates with a very Harlem feel. The press release reads like a description of fabrics and colours: “metallic, tartan, camouflage, floral, stripes, denim . . .” and so on. All this means, however, is that the team behind the collection has ensured that there will be something to appeal to every Rihanna fan on the planet – and even, sometimes, to the rest of us.

There’s no one signature item – although those heavily-Timberland-inspired boots come pretty close - and there’s no signature feel or aesthetic to the collection, which feels, again, like it’s a mere re-assembly of Rihanna’s own wardrobe. To be clear: this is only a good thing if you think Rihanna is a style icon. If she leaves you scratching your head (or covering your eyes), you may be left cold.

See? Nothing groundbreaking here.

Undoubtedly, it’ll sell well: everything Rihanna touches turns to gold these days, there’s no use denying it. But Victoria Beckham needn’t be quaking in her boots just yet.