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Preparing for the unforeseeable: a heatwave

What do you wear in the blistering heat? Please God, don’t say a maxi dress.

Mon, Jun 10, 2013, 09:05


Hasn’t this last week been glorious? There’s something about Ireland in the sunshine that makes it rival any Mediterranean holiday resort: people are friendlier; taxi drivers are more desperate; beer gardens are packed. But there’s another thing about Ireland in the sunshine that is altogether terrifying: the fashion.

More specifically, the maxi dresses. When the weather heats up, Ireland turns – collectively, like a field of sunflowers towards the sun – to the maxi dress. And there is no consideration given as to whether said maxi dress suits the wearer. Large hips? Cover ‘em up in a maxi dress! Pregnant? A maxi dress! Bit of a tummy? Throw on a maxi dress! (You see where I’m going with this.)

For my part, I’ve been avoiding the maxi – in large part because I do not own one – and going down a more inventive, although slightly less comfortable, route. Today? Light cotton trousers and a black tee. Yesterday – black pleather shorts and a black Halston Heritage blouse (picked up for a song in TK Maxx) with gold jewellery and leopard print TOMs. To the beach? A black (seeing a theme?) dress from & Other Stories (more on which later) with a green kimono.

To be clear: I’m not saying I looked amazing, and dressing for the sun is difficult for a nation used to sporting opaques all year ’round, but please, if you find yourself reaching for the maxi dress, think again.

Top pic via Twitter @StephenOLeary