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Using your head . . . fashionable headphones from Frends

These new headphones from Frends may revolutionise your earphone-wearing life – but not if you’re big into your cans, and not if you can’t afford to spend €100 on them

Wed, Jun 5, 2013, 07:30


I’ll put it out there: I am a disaster with headphones and earphones of all variety. I throw them in my bag any old way so that they tangle and get caught in my hair clips; I bend the bit where the lead meets the other bit (does that make sense?) until the inner wires are exposed and it must be consigned to the scrap heap. And above all else, I lose headphones.

So when the good folks at Frends called and offered me a pair of their brand spanking new, fashion-inspired, jewellery-like headphones to try out, I said “nah, you’d be better off trying a grown-up”. Just kidding! I said, why not?

As you can perhaps tell, these are no ordinary headphones. Frends are created with a  very specific priority in mind (hardcore music lovers, look away): aesthetics. These babies are modelled on vintage jewellery and created in yellow gold and white / rose gold and white / silver and black combos. In short, they are super slick.

And it would seem like Frends are kind of designed for, well, me. The woven cords, for example, are made of fabric, so they don’t tangle; they fold up into a really handy pouch (that I have managed to hold on to, thus far, along with the headphones themselves); they have memory foam ear cushions. (I put that in bold because I love memory foam.)

There’s also some impressive detail about the drivers that maximise sound quality blah blah blah. Let’s face it, these are not for the hardcore headphone aficionado among you (hello, lone reader who is a headphone aficionado). They are for women – and, to a lesser extent, men – who want their headphones to look as good as their handbags / jewellery / top / ad infinitum.

The bad news? Frends earphones start at €99 and go up to €199. So they ain’t cheap. One for the Christmas list? Available at Arnotts, Tower Records and