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Lindsay the Sugarist: hair removal, but not as you know it

Sugaring is the newest old method of hair removal on the Irish market – less painful than waxing and more straightforward to boot. Interested?

Sun, May 19, 2013, 07:30


Throw the words “sugaring New York” into Google and you get a whole host of results. There are sugarists everywhere from Harlem to Hoboken, and no one seems to bat an eyelid at the concept. On this side of the pond? Well, no change here – we’re a little bit behind.

In a way, sugaring is old-school, too. I remember seeing reports in Bliss and Just 17 magazines way back in the day (when Sarra Manning wrote Diary of a Crush on the back page, which was my favourite thing ever in the world) about different types of hair removal, and sugaring was up there with waxing and epilation in a long list of things you could, but not necessarily should, do.

Now, of course, we’re all au fait with ripping the hair out of our follicles, and most of us are interested in hearing about new (to us) and interesting methods of doing the same. Sugaring dates back to ancient Egyptian times, and basically involves using a paste of sugar, water and lemon juice to remove hair from the follicle without tearing or pulling at the skin or flesh around it.

And Lindsay Leggett aka Lindsay the Sugarist is the US-born gal bringing it to our shores, with her dedicated studio in the Hive on George’s St.

Photograph by Virginia Wilcox

To describe Lindsay, I’d say: there are people who possess the ability to make you feel at ease, and then there are people who don’t even need to have that ability – because as soon as they say hello, you immediately feel as if you’ve known them for an age. Lindsay is one of those people, which matters a lot as you’ll be trusting her to stare at your bits for a good half hour (I went for a Brazilian; you could, of course, have your armpits sugared and you’d never have to think about her thinking about your vagina).

How I would describe being sugared is as having someone take a piece of play-dough and pressing it against an area of skin and hair, then pulling it away. The sugar solution is reused over and over, rolled up by Lindsay – with gloved hands – so that there’s very little muss and very little fuss.

And let’s get to the important part: does it hurt? Honey child, having hair torn out of your follicles is never going to be fun – but I can say that, hands down, this is the least painful method of hair removal that I have ever tried. There were about three areas (if you’ve had your labia waxed you’ll know what I’m talking about) that resulted in a good wince, but otherwise Lindsay and I chatted away like old chums throughout the entire treatment (and yes, that included the bum bit).

Lindsay will sugar pretty much anything you want – except beards - with a Brazilian (including the butt crack) coming in at €65.