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Get glammed up with Decade Darlings

Decade Darlings is the latest in a long line of services that promises to part you from your money for a frivolous and, frankly, quite decadent photoshoot. Interested?

Wed, May 15, 2013, 07:30


Pre-recession, we saw a wide variety of new and interesting ways to spend your money. Trash the dress, doggy photoshoots, music videos and more. In this post-recessionary world, these innovative and frankly insane money-eaters have fallen a bit by the wayside.

So it might be a sign that things are picking up, but Decade Darlings is the latest new “big thing”: for a fee, you and your friends can be primped and preened, groomed and glammed up, vintage-style, for your very own 1950s-style photoshoot.

This is by no means a necessary – or even particularly useful – service, but gosh if it isn’t a fun one. For hen nights, birthdays, anniversaries or just because, Samantha-Jones style, this could be just the ticket to brighten your day. I know that I would love to try it out with a group of my girlfriends.

Maybe the luxury for me is that I’ve never done any kind of organised shoot. Any photographs on my family’s walls are candids, taken when we were picking our noses or scratching our eyes, and the closest my dog has got to a phone is when I stick my camera in her sleeping face. How about you? Have you ever been roped into a professional shoot?