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BB creams – from face to lips with No 7

No 7 is adding to the BB stable with its new BB Lips product, a moisturising lip balm that colours and protects – at €11, would you be up to trying it?

Tue, May 14, 2013, 15:07


As if BB creams weren’t confusing enough, now we have to cope with the idea of putting them on our lips, thanks to No 7. BB lips (€11) has all the benefits of a BB cream – moisturising, nourishing, skin-clearing – in a balm that colours and has SPF 15.

The BB lips product is the really big story of this new release – but that’s not all that’s new at No 7.

No 7 is also releasing the High Shine Lip Crayon (€11.75), in a range of colours with what No 7 calls a “lightweight, moisturising feel”. Add to that No 7′s Stay Perfect Lip Stain (€12.95) for a more statement lip in five colours.