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All white on the night – with the Sony Xperia Z White

To celebrate the Sony Xperia Z in white, I’ve been challenged to create some white outfits – but it’s a lot tougher than it looks, especially for someone for whom black is a good safety net

Mon, Apr 22, 2013, 07:30


Carphone Warehouse has given me the opportunity to review the Sony Xperia Z for the month of April, to coincide with their exclusive retailing of the Sony Xperia Z White. As they handed over the goods, the conditions were outlined: I was to challenge myself to create an all-white ensemble to go with my new communication device.

But you know what? Dressing in white is hard, especially if you’re a chubby (ish) 20-something with a penchant for spilling things, not to mention the fact that I cycle everywhere and have no mud guards (combine that with white trousers and you have a very unattractive image).

So I did what any self-respecting fashion blogger would do, and I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. While I love the wide-legged look, as seen on Elin Kling (centre), Kayture (bottom right) and via Riches for Rags (bottom left), I can just imagine those wide legs pooling in puddles and dragging up dirt from the street and, within seconds, I’d be absolutely filthy.

The image on the top left, via Sweet Tea Southern Dreams – sweater and jeans, very straightforward – seems a lot more up my street, while that on the top left, via Le Fashion Image - shirt and jeans, but very sleek – could work, if I lost a couple of stone in the meantime!

Then I went shopping for some white bits ‘n’ pieces to make up my fantasy white wardrobe. I’m loving Zara at the moment, and both the blazer (top left) and cropped jeans (centre) are gorgeous. The Love dress from Asos (top right) is, admittedly, no great shakes, but it’s the kind of simple, figure-flattering shape that could work for a lot of different occasions. Also from Asos, the crochet tee (bottom right) is very cute and looks fab with denim.

The piece de resistance? Topshop’s white biker jacket, which, at £60, won’t break the bank, is a really slick piece – and looks a lot more expensive than it is. The gold hardware is a nice touch, too.

So what now? Well, I may just invest in a few white pieces (confession? I almost bought those white jeans in Zara the other day but chickened out at the last minute) to fully complete the challenge. I did buy a white shirt in M&S and will post a pic of me in it later this week for you to judge! (Happy Monday!)