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Spanx Red Hot label shapewear launches at Debenhams

The bestselling control underwear brand has a new label, with lower price points and higher hem lines for a younger customer

Mon, Apr 15, 2013, 07:30


Any kind of intro I could write to Spanx would be somewhat moot – we all know what the figure-fixing, shape-enhancing underwear does, and how rich it’s made its founder, Sara Blakely (above).

The big news, then, is that Spanx has just launched its Red Hot label, which the brand says it’s targeting towards a younger customer, with “altered structures and shorter lengths, allowing support for the mini and bodycon trends”. But where these will really come to prominence is in their price points – while Spanx can be pretty spendy, the new range is a little more reasonable. In the pic above, for example, the shapers high-waist girl shorts (model shot) will set you back €59, as will the controllers girl short (bottom right), while the open bust body shaper is €69.

Granted, you’ll still get a far cheaper deal if you search in Dunnes or Penneys for your shapewear – M&S also comes highly recommended but is similar in price to Spanx Red Hot label – but Spanx is tried, tested and proven in its efficacy.

Spanx Red Hot label is available exclusively in Debenhams.