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The, er, boiler suit of the season – by MiH

Did you know this season had a must-have boiler suit? Neither did we – until we saw MiH’s version

Sun, Apr 7, 2013, 07:30


When I first saw MiH‘s boiler suit, at the UK jeans brand’s S/S press day, I thought, you’re having a bit of a laugh with this one. A full-length boiler suit, in the lightest of denims, with zips and pockets and gently tapered ankles? It won’t catch on, I thought.

Which just goes to show how little I know. No sooner had it hit the (virtual, of course) shelves, it began to sell out – everyone wanted to get their hands on this little piece of denim history, and there’s no denying that there is something, well, rather sexy about this so-wrong-it’s-right fashion don’t.

I’d like mine in Bluebell, to be worn with a simple black vest, some chunky gold jewellery and the brightest bright pink lip (maybe Rimmel’s Apocalips in Apociliptic). And, of course, a smile. (Because you’re never fully dressed . . .)