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Tackling bad skin – is it the climate, or is it just me?

I feel like I’m in a teenage time warp with the state of my face: here’s how I’m dealing with it!

Fri, Apr 5, 2013, 07:30


I don’t know about you, but I have been experiencing some major breakouts lately. I used to think that once you turned 21, your skin would settle down and just “be”, but as time goes by I realise that it’s almost as temperamental as ever – and the changeable weather in the last few weeks has really been wreaking havoc on my face!

So I’ve been trying out a few beauty bits ‘n’ bobs to deal with it. First things first: concealer. You can preach to high heavens about leaving spots alone and having clean, clean skin but all I want to do is cover this all up. So I’ve been using No 7′s Perfect Blend Trio Concealer. I often find that a concealer that’s the perfect colour for undereye circles is too light for spots, so I like that you can blend the trio together to get the perfect shade.

I use a brush to apply mine – Nima Brush‘s concealer / lip brush, to be precise, from their 12-piece brush set. I really like these Irish-made brushes; they’re great quality and, at €95 for 12, good value too. My one caveat is that the brushes don’t have their names written on the handles, meaning I often struggle to figure out which brush serves what purpose. It doesn’t matter, I guess, but I like having a guide.

Now that’s them all covered up, but at the root of the problem? Obviously I need to keep my skin really clean and do some treating!

Back to basics and I’m drinking loads of water. Obviously this is set against loads of coffee, which I’m trying to cut down a bit, but I know water is the one guaranteed skin-saviour. I’m cleaning my skin with Eau Thermale Avene’s Micellar Lotion, applied liberally to the face and cleaned off with a cloth. Often when we have spots we try to dry out the skin or strip it down, which can cause it to produce extra sebum – and we don’t want that. So be gentle, rather than harsh.

I’m toning afterwards with Burt’s Bees Radiance Toner, a 100% natural product that I find is great at removing the final traces of make-up and dirt, and leaving my skin feeling really fresh, but not at all taut or tight – which a lot of harsher toners can do.

Lastly? Once a week I’m doing No 7′s Purifying Sauna Mask, the trick to which is to really spend the two recommended minutes massaging it into the skin for a really thorough exfoliation, before leaving the product to work its purifying magic for another two minutes. I use it in the shower – but it can be a bit hard to remove so I use a cloth for that bit.

Do you have a foolproof routine you use when your skin needs some extra TLC?