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The Brazilian at Brazilia: a guest post

A loyal Brazilia customer tells Fash Mob why she keeps going back for more

Sun, Mar 31, 2013, 12:51


Having never been a hugely loyal salongoer myself, I’ve always wondered what it is that makes someone go back to a salon again and again. When I discovered that my friend Aideen* has been going to Brazilia for a whopping seven years, I made sure to ask her to put down in writing why it is that she’s such a loyal customer.

I’ve been a loyal customer at Brazilia ever since they opened, back in 2005. I was always terrified of getting a Brazilian wax, but after I went to Brazilia, I never looked back.

First things first: Brazilia encourages people to book weeks, even months, in advance to ensure appointments – but I never know my schedule that far ahead. When I feel I need an appointment, I call and they always seem to be able to fit me in within a week, if not a few days. If they are super busy in the South William street salon I try Sandyford. Either way, I always manage to get an appointment, even if it means nipping out of work at lunchtime.

From the minute I walk in, it’s a really atmosphere. The waiting room is really clean, girly and smells delicious. You’re normally waiting maybe five minutes - max 10. Your therapist then comes in and introduces herself. I used to go to the same girl, but she left and now I got to whoever is available. Some people prefer to go to the same therapist – at the start you feel more comfortable going back to the same girl, but I’ve been going so long that I don’t even think about it.

The therapist then brings you up to the therapy room and you to get ready (basically, take off your trousers/skirt and underwear; with a Brazilian or Hollywood they need you to be fully naked down below).

The rooms are nicely decorated with comfortable therapy beds and always spotlessly clean. There is a television positioned directly opposite the bed so you can look at whatever you want (they give you the remote). If you’re uber-chatty like me (maybe it’s a nervous thing?!) and chat about anything and everything to your therapist, you probably won’t even notice the TV! The therapists are all so friendly and they put up with my constant chattering.

The first few visits were painful, definitely. Also, if it’s near your time of the month, you may be more sensitive so I sometimes pop some painkillers a little before my appointment to make it more bearable.

Nowadays, though I flinch a little at certain moments, I’m so used to it it’s done in a flash. I love the smell of the wax they use, it seems to be a mix of lavender and aloe vera. In Brazilia they apply the wax directly to your skin, let it dry and whip it off in a flash. When it’s done, the therapist brings you down to the receptionist to pay.

At €52 for a Brazilian and €55 for a Hollywood people do say it is expensive but I think it’s worth it as it lasts a few weeks and the experience is very pleasant.

Brazilia is based in South William Street and Sandyford.