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Graphic, 1960s influences, monochrome and nautical: TK Maxx S/S 2013

TK Maxx’s new lookbook almost makes the stress and strain of the hunt seem worthwhile. Almost.

Sat, Mar 30, 2013, 16:00


TK Maxx is one of those shops I really should love; it has a huge selection of designer goodies at cut prices, like an Aladdin’s Cave of treasures to discover. Well, at least this is what the PR spiel says. In reality I feel as if it’s what would happen if all of the female cast of Smash combined their wardrobes in an enormous warehouse, where nothing is where it’s supposed to be and you’re in a hellish Supermarket Sweep scenario.

Some people – people I respect and admire – love TK Maxx. My sister is the queen of TK Maxx. She goes in there for 15 minutes and emerges a new woman, with a Versace dress in one hand and a Jaeger shirt in the other. I spend three hours trawling through rails and come out with a cheap polyester skirt and sweat covering me from head to toe.

And look at this lookbook. It’s lovely! TK Maxx’s stuff looks great, like it would actually be worth the trouble and the trawl and the sweat and blisters to find it. So I may give it another try. I hear Carrickmines is the best TK Maxx. I will report back on what I find (or don’t).

That said, if you don’t hear from me by this time next week, know that I’ve been lost beneath piles of mismatched clothing. (My epitaph will say: She died as she lived, surrounded by clothes.)