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Coming soon: Clinique nail polish

On April 25th, Clinique will launch A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins in 12 permanent and nine limited-edition shades

Fri, Mar 15, 2013, 07:30


An exciting new launch from Clinique this year is its 12-shade nail enamel range, un-handily titled A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins. Not one that rolls off the tongue, is it?

Still, the science is sound: based on the evidence that we touch our eyes on average 200 times a day (yeesh!), Clinique has come up with an allergy-tested, 100 per cent fragrance free and dermatologically tested nail enamel in 12 permanent shades, on-counter from April 25th (and a top’n'base coat, which is why you may count 13 in the pic below!).

And the enamels, which I had a wee preview of yesterday, go on like a dream – one coat is enough for a decent splash of colour while two will give a proper opaque covering. They say they last for five days, to boot, although I’m tough on my digits and mine rarely look good after two days of wear ‘n’ tear.

The regular shades (from left: Fizzy, Sweet Tooth, Concrete Jungle, Call My Buff, Black Honey, Made of Steel, Indie Rock, Red Red Red, Party Red, Hi Sweetie, Happy and Really Rio) are obviously slightly less exciting than the nine limited-edition summer 2013 shades (top in, from left, Pinkini, Strappy Sandals, 70 Degrees and Sunny, Grape Ice, Juiced Up, Hula Skirt, Splish Splash and Summer in the City – with Hot Date missing from the shot), but that just means that there’s a solid bank of staples to choose from, with more to look forward to as the fashion seasons roll by.

The nail enamels will cost €16 each and will be available from April 25th at Clinique counters nationwide. You like?