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Buy of the week: Warehouse’s flap top tote

Warehouse has come over all Céline with this faux leather handbag

Fri, Mar 15, 2013, 14:30


Last week, I found myself, bleary-eyed and restless at 1am, surfing through Asos and throwing items in my bag like nobody’s business, happy and safe in the knowledge that I could easily return them if they didn’t suit.

Into my bag went several things that are being returned: a Whistles dress that is gorgeous but just too pricey for my current budget; a T-shirt with a photograph of a pug on it that is ridiculous and could never be anything but ridiculous; a blue shirt that is totally see-through in reality.

But the diamond in the rough had to be this incredibly Céline-esque bag by Warehouse. Pleather that looks like leather, a long enough handle to go over the shoulder, room for an iPad and an organiser and a wallet big enough to hold my lunch. And only €50 to boot.