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What I wore: the London edition

What I wore in London – Warehouse, Equipment, 3.1 Philip Lim, Primark and Marks & Spencer

Mon, Mar 4, 2013, 10:30


Since buying this coat from Warehouse, it’s barely been off my back – and I’ll admit that I was really quite unsure about it in the beginning. Though I loved the look of it, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get much wear out of it as it’s so conspicuous. Wouldn’t everyone think I was wearing the same outfit over and over again?

I think these photographs might suggest that yes, they will; to my Friday meetings I wore my coat over black tights and ankle boots, with a black dress, black stole and gold jewellery while, on Saturday, I dressed it down with jeans, an Equipment shirt, metallic Primark jumper and trusty M&S jeans. And, let’s face it, these outfits look the same thanks to that unsubtle leopard print coat. But do I care? Not a bit of it.

Those amazing eyebrows, by the way, are courtesy of the amazing ladies at the Brow Artist, in the basement of the Hive on George’s St. (And if you look really closely, you’ll spot the Chanel iPhone cover that Emma bought me for my birthday!)