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Review: MAC cream nail lacquer in Flaming Rose

A review of MAC’s Flaming Rose nail lacquer

Mon, Feb 18, 2013, 16:06


MAC’s Flaming Rose cream nail lacquer originally made an appearance as part of the brand’s Marilyn Monroe collection, but it’s now available to purchase as a standalone product from MAC’s extensive range of nail polishes. This is the first nail polish in a long while that I fell in love with straight off the bat. It is a gorgeous bright red with pinky undertones, and it goes on like a dream – and this is from someone (as the above photograph may attest) who is not an expert nail polish applicator.

Here I am, a rude narcissist, photographing my nails over lunch at Avoca. Now, ragged cuticles and bad application aside, there are two very noteworth drawbacks with this product. Number one: it chips easily. That’s not to say that, with a decent application, you won’t get a few days out of it, but with a bad application – even with base coat, top coat and two coats of the lacquer – I struggled to get more than a day out of it. Number two? When I removed it after two days, my nails were left pink and discoloured, and 24 hours (and three nail polish remover efforts later) they’re still quite grubby.

These are significant problems, but not quite enough to put me off – for a special occasion, Flaming Rose is a beautiful shade of red, and I felt really glamorous wearing it, chips an’ all.