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S/S 2013 at Louis Vuitton

A preview of the S/S 2013 accessories collections from Louis Vuitton, available in Brown Thomas.

Fri, Feb 15, 2013, 14:59


Yesterday morning, a room in the Merrion Hotel was filled with beautiful leather goods, displaying what Louis Vuitton has on offer for S/S 2013. Along with the traditional monogram, S/S sees Louis Vuitton take its lemon yellow checkerboard into accessories in the form of shoes and bags, adorning one tote with the smallest sequins imaginable, and producing their signature Speedy, Neverfull and Alma bags in new, fresh colourways for a new and fresh season!

I always find myself asking the stupidest questions when I’m at the Louis Vuitton press days – questions that would matter elsewhere, such as: Is that suitcase cabin sized? Does that have a cross-body strap? How much is that handbag? Is it not very heavy? Could you fit an iPad in there? The truth is, people who buy and wear and use Louis Vuitton handbags (and, to a certain extent, Louis Vuitton luggage) don’t care all that much for those questions. They probably don’t cycle, they don’t care about paying for excess baggage and they’re unlikely to be flying Ryanair. 

For S/S 2013, we’re talking about a host of new colours and designs, with the lemon-yellow bits on top coming straight from the catwalk and the gorgeous embossed totes, above, forming the mainstay of the new collection.

The mini bag is a big story for Louis Vuitton, too; the lovely Anna at LV told me how they initially came up with the mini bag for cosmetics or as a purse, but women started using them as handbags themselves, and the brand quickly responded, by widening them slightly (to fit an iPhone or a small wallet) and adding longer straps.

This is the classic Noé, which turns 80 this year and was designed originally to carry Champagne bottles (but of course). The original Noé size (bottom right) fits five bottles, four upright and one upturned, while modern versions are slightly shallower. The petrol blue (above left) was one of my faves – the textured leather was designed to mimic the look of reeds blowing in the wind in the French countryside.

The Lockit jewellery is one of Louis Vuitton’s newest designs, emulating the padlocks that are cropping up even on the Ha’Penney bridge in Dublin and used to symbolise enduring love – cute! I love these rings, stacked together on my pinky. And speaking of pink, the print you see in the background is also brand new for S/S at Louis Vuitton.

And of course men aren’t forgotten by Louis Vuitton – this season the French brand is looking towards sailing for inspiration in the form of these sailing-rope sandals and the bright neon accent on the top tote. And check out that attention to detail – the LV on the inside of the shoe is made of crocodile skin.

Louis Vuitton is available at Brown Thomas.