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Roll on 2013: the names to watch

So Christmas is over (sob!) but if you played your cards right, there’s plenty of turkey left and you’ve got enough woollies to keep you warm until it’s back to work . . . To fill the time between then …

Wed, Dec 26, 2012, 07:30


So Christmas is over (sob!) but if you played your cards right, there’s plenty of turkey left and you’ve got enough woollies to keep you warm until it’s back to work . . . To fill the time between then and now, I’ve compiled a daily list of must-sees, must-dos and must-supports for 2013! Starting today, the next 10 days (taking you all the way up to January 5th) will be choc-full of suggestions for the year ahead, from music to movies, books to restaurants, stylists to fashion brands. So what am I waiting for?

Let’s kick things off with a list of up-and-comers for 2013. What do I mean by this? Names – in fashion, music, industry, you name it! – worth keeping an eye on for the year ahead. These young guns are talented, ambitious and coming up the ranks faster than a Bush at a Republican rally.

Angela Scanlon So far, so predictable, wha’? But seriously, if Vogue says it, it must be true. 2013 will see Scanlon, who made serious inroads into the UK in 2012 as well as impressing us at home with her presenting skills on RTÉ’s The Movie Show, release a book, The Secret Stylist, as well as continuing to do her thang in Ireland and abroad. (If you caught the November issue of Image magazine, you’ll have seen her enviable home decorating skills, too. Can the girl do no wrong?)

Conor Behan Music writer, DJ and, in 2012, actor in Singlehood, one of the biggest smashes of the Dublin Fringe Festival, Behan is an up-and-comer with a lot of get-up-and-go. He worked on that gem of Irish television, Fade Street, as well as having a job co-presenting on Spin 103.8 and writing music for GCN. Expect big things (and cross your fingers for a second run of Singlehood, which was, genuinely, hilarious.)

Anouska Proetta Brandon Fresh off the boat from a trip to Milan for Guess by Marciano, Proetta Brandon is (probably) Ireland’s biggest Lookbooker. Her blog is a visual treat of photographs of Brandon in a variety of get-ups, all of which are slick and sleek. By day, Brandon sells clothes for Brown Thomas, but it seems a sure thing that her blog will take her further and further in 2013. She could just be Ireland’s answer to blogging powerhouse, The Blonde Salad.

Gearóid Farrelly I have very little patience for comedians, and that patience diminishes even more when said comedians are Irish. I don’t know why – it’s the familiarity of their accents and their casual observations that just embarrasses, rather than amuses, me. Farrelly is one notable exception – hilarious, wry and self-deprecating, all in just the right quantities. And I’ve never heard him resort to slagging women for cheap laughs (a major bugbear of mine). Catch him if you can.

Emma Henderson The author of Fluff & Fripperies, officially Ireland’s best blog, Henderson also writes for and U magazine, as well as featuring in your daily Metro Herald. We happen to be friends outside of the internet, but don’t hold that against her, and don’t accuse me of bias; I was rooting for me to win at the Blog Awards, obviously, so her victory was bittersweet. Worth a read.

Seán Jackson Photographer Seán Jackson cut his teeth working under Barry McCall before branching out on his own, and doing very well at it, too. I’ve featured his work more than once on Fash Mob, and I found myself in a recent interview telling prospective employers (alas, not to be) all about how I think he’s the best young photographer in Ireland at the moment.

Ciara McKenna and Kim Knowles This fashion-loving duo gave up their jobs (as a barrister and a management consultant, respectively) to set up Coldlilies, a jewellery site that stocks a variety of otherwise hard-to-find Irish designers. Their site has got oodles of good press this year, and they have been selling out of their carefully curated pieces on a steady basis – so it’s fairly certain that 2013 will bring more good things. (Including an amazingly well styled lookbook . . .)

Lena Zellerhoff German-born Lena is a plus-size model with Andrea Roche Model Agency, and one of the loveliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. All too frequently, a plus-size model is an okay-looking girl with good proportions, or a stunning girl with bad proportions, but Lena has the whole package. I predict big things (if you’ll excuse the pun) for her in 2013.