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On the Christmas list . . .

I may be the girl who has everything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want more . . .

Tue, Dec 4, 2012, 07:30


Things were so much simpler when I was younger, and the Santa list was a very real thing, containing approximately three things: a big present (y’know, a bike or a doll or a new Barbie house), a small present (a Terry’s Chocolate Orange) and “a surprise”. It was important to always include the surprise, in case you would otherwise miss out on something incredible. Nowadays, I never know what I want for Christmas, the words of a very spoiled individual who buys everything she wants the minute she wants it.

This year, Mother Dearest sent me an email asking what I wanted for Christmas. So I thought I’d share with you what I told her – here’s my Christmas 2012 pressie wish-list!

A decent massage. I love massages (and, perv that I am, any kind of body-touching: scrubs, acupuncture, physio etc!) but I rarely fork out myself as they seem kind of unnecessary, even though I really enjoy them. I had a fab massage in Inchydoney once, and another great one as part of my Omorovicza facial in Harvey Nichols a couple of weeks back. I always feel so blissed-out and relaxed afterwards that the money seems totally well spent.

Reindeer skin, £120 from moth on Big Cartel

I really want some nice things for the house. Lovely picture frames (IKEA has some great ones that are good value and really nice), animal skins (I know, I know!) that are perhaps a bit harder to get, some decent photographs and mirrors and photo frames. Zara Home is of course at the top of my pressie list.

Emma Taylor’s stunning Poppy ring from This ring was the last thing on my list, and very much a “only if you get me nothing else” kind of job, as it’s €228. But isn’t it stunning?! Gorgeous!