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Lifestyle Sports S/S 2012

I know, I know – it’s not necessarily something you’d think would sit alongside my usual “ohmygod I want to spend an obscene amount of money on a functionless leather jacket“* – but yesterday morning I headed along to the …

Wed, Feb 8, 2012, 07:30


I know, I know – it’s not necessarily something you’d think would sit alongside my usual “ohmygod I want to spend an obscene amount of money on a functionless leather jacket“* – but yesterday morning I headed along to the Lifestyle Sports S/S 2012 press preview in their Henry Street offices (honestly, you learn something new every day) and found myself lusting after not one but several of their offered wares.

Fun fact! Did you know that Lifestyle Sports is an Irish-owned company? I’ll admit that I didn’t, nor did I know that the brand partners with brands such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour to sell items that are not available anywhere else, which is, if you ask me, fairly impressive. Another fun fact is that Lifestyle Sports has just teamed up with Bootcamp Ireland in one of the cleverest partnerships since Wallace and Gromit to offer all Bootcamp members 15% off their workout gear, as well as doing a lot of clever cross-sponsorship – something worth keeping an eye on if you like, y’know, exercising. Anyway – to the clothes!

There were three main brands on show, the first of which is US-based Under Armour, a very technical sports brand that prides itself on producing items with a high level of technology – meaning what, exactly? Well, their clothing is very climate-specific, so there are items that will keep you cool in the heat (I know, I know, we wish!) and others that will keep you warm, as well as compression gear which will help keep your muscles warm and reduce chances of injury. The stuff is huge in its home country, as well as specifically with the Irish rugby crowd, but this season sees a slight departure from the basic mocks to more fashion-focused stuff, as well as the very 1990s ladies’ shorts and men’s hoodies with the big Under Armour logos!

It wouldn’t necessarily be my bag, but I do love those little shorts and the pop up green on the blue tee – and I appreciate that, for some, Under Armour is a brand that does what it’s meant to and has a deservedly loyal following!

Adidas is a brand we all know so well – and some of us really love – and it’s never going to stray too far from its three-stripe heritage, but if you ask me that’s no bad thing! I love the nostalgia of the triple stripe and think that this season’s colour stories are gorgeous; I’m particularly enthusiastic about how it does this huge line in pants, all of which have a colour pop – so even if you’re wearing a really basic black capri, there’s something that stands out, some tiny “wow” factor.

The zipped jacket on the top right was super cool; really fitted and with an almost pleather appearance – it would look great just thrown over a pair of jeans and a tee on a casual Sunday. (Not, crucially, on casual Friday; that would be a casual step too far!) As with Under Armour, Adidas’s technology crew is very concerned with moderating your body heat so all of the items are really lightweight and wick the sweat away from your body so you won’t get cold from the moisture on your skin. Smart!

Finally, Nike! This was definitely my favourite collection of the day; I love the purple and tangerine combos and there’s something so cute about Nike’s slogans, from Just Do It! (which always used to impress my trainer when, woe!, I had one) to the latest, Make Your Self. I love that – it’s really empowering! I don’t have a pic of it but Nike had a really gorgeous tangerine orange zip-up jacket that reminded me simultaneously of Step Up and of that Kate Moss sportswear story I posted a few weeks back. I want everything – and perusing the collection made me really determined to get out of the house and back in the gym!

The most exciting thing about Nike was its Free technology runners – which, unfortunately, I don’t have a pic of, but you can see them here – which basically mimic the feel of a bare foot and allow you maximum movement while in the gym. I really think I’m going to invest in a pair; I’ve had loads of problems with my feet, shins, knees, and I feel like giving my feet a break and allowing them maximum support and movement could only be a good thing!

Finally, I got a little goodie bag that I’m going to share with you – because, like everything else, I have enough sportswear – so I’m offering one lucky winner a canvas Nike bag with the Make Your Self slogan on it, a bra top in a size M (I’d say a size 10-12 with, you’ve guessed it, a medium size bust) and a Make Your Self vest. You can see a pic of the goodies here. Just leave a comment! (Lines close Friday, February 10th, at midnight.)

Now, after that epic post, I’m going for a lie-down! More later on the BT2 fashion show, new goodies from Avoca and a great new Diet Coke / Benefit mash-up!

* Is anyone else insanely impressed that I managed to get the word “hookers” into what is, essentially, a headline, and I haven’t yet been fired? No? Just me?