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Golden Globes – the good, the bad and Megan Fox

The biggest surprise of 2011′s Golden Globes red carpet has to have been the fact that Angelina didn’t wear black – although she did stick with her tried ‘n’ trusted formula of column dress + back cleavage. Still, this emerald …

Mon, Jan 17, 2011, 11:55


The biggest surprise of 2011′s Golden Globes red carpet has to have been the fact that Angelina didn’t wear black – although she did stick with her tried ‘n’ trusted formula of column dress + back cleavage. Still, this emerald green Versace was, in my books, very much a hit for Jolie. Stunning.

Another hit – and more colour blocking – from Kyra Sedgwick with this beautiful sunset yellow dress by Emilio Pucci. Love the offsetting with the turquoise earrings, and have mucho respect for Sedgwick as I know full well (as do most of the Irish population) that yellow, in any of its tones, is not an easy number.

Is this the year of Mila Kunis? I remember when she was just the hot one in That ’70s Show – now she may well be set to take Hollywood (and about time, too). Gorgeous structured Vera Wang here (okay, so this is more “good” than “bad” so far – must get critical . . .)

So January Jones’s red tassled Versace number might be an easy miss, but there’s something I kind of love about this – perhaps the juxtaposition of red tassle with her great stomping black heels. I always wonder if Jones’s red carpet appearances are a direct reaction to having to play the stilted, socially crippled Betty Draper. Still, I can appreciate that this won’t be for everybody, and I do wish Jones would eat a little bit more and, eh, plunge a little bit less in the cleavage area.

Ah, the grande dame of Hollywood, Catherine Zeta Jones (at least by her own reckoning, if this Monique Lhuillier frock is anything to go by) with husband Michael Douglas. I think the whole telly-watching world breathed a sigh of relief seeing Douglas look so well, following the announcement that he’s beaten cancer. It just goes to show, cancer doesn’t have to be the end of you – at least, if you have millions in the bank and access to . . . oh, hang on.

Ah, Jane Krakowski, the first of our two pregnant red carpet spots, in Badgley Mischka. Love this colour, which reminds me somewhat of Farrow & Ball. Interesting accessorising, too – although I did wish, looking at the photos, that she hadn’t got a huge slit in the dress (a little tacky, no?) and that she would stop holding her belly.

And, of course, baby bump number two belongs to Natalie Portman, winner of the best actress gong for Black Swan (I’m going this weekend – has anyone seen it?) in pink Viktor & Rolf. This dress seemed to really divide opinions, and in this instance I’m going to pick a side: I hate it. The fabric looks a little cheap, not to mention the tacky red rose and, while I usually love pink and red together, in this instance I feel it jars. I’ll forgive Natters because she usually does so well (the press junket pics for Black Swan earlier in 2010, for instance, were amazing), but I am not a fan of this at all.

This is Jimmy Fallon, and his wife Nancy Juvonen who, in my opinion, wore one of the cutest dresses. Modern, pretty, not ageing at all – she managed to achieve what many Hollywood starlets can only dream of. (Why the insistence on wearing floor length with fishtails, WHY?!) Anyone know who this dress is by?

Case in point? Julie Stiles of Dexter fame – and, you know, Save the Last Dance, looks a little beyond her years in this flowing black gown. I enjoy the ruffles, I’ll admit it, and I am partial to a bit of off-the-shoulder action (when I don’t think about it too much), but this just leaves me cold, and a bit mournful.

Another actress who is – sigh – old before her time: Lea Michele, of Glee, in Oscar de la Renta. It’s worth bearing in  mind that Michele is but 24 years old – and while she does look great, she’s another one I’d like to take for lunch and, you know, cut a few inches off the bottom of her dress when she’s not looking.

Did anyone out there see Easy A? Either way, it’s hard not to love Emma Stone from her appearance in Superbad – and though I’m not a fan of her icy blonde hair, I’m hoping she’ll come good and not come over all la Lohan. HOWEVER, this peach Calvin Klein is not doing it for me. I think this was another that divided people – you either love it or hate it, but me? I’d like a dress that doesn’t make me look like the first lady.

Now, another hit! From Leighton Meester, one of my absolute red carpet faves, for sheer unpredictability. Here she is in Burberry Prorsum, looking demure and just plain gorgeous. Top marks, Meester.

I have nothing to say about Michelle Williams’ Valentino gúna except – OH, HEY, GIRLFRIEND! I DIDN’T SEE YOU IN THE CROWD! COME OVER, SAY HEY!

Keeping with the flesh tones, ScarJo came over all Britney in the Toxic video in this sequinned Elie Saab number. For the record, that is not a criticism. I love Britney, I love nudity, and I love ScarJo’s hair:

Ah, Paris, Paris, Paris. How do you somehow succeed in making a perfectly respectable one-shouldered flesh-toned sequinned gown look . . . tacky. It may be the fake tan and somewhat dubious make-up application (ladies, take note).

Olivia Wilde brought what has to be the fashion moment to the Globes’ red carpet last night in this amazing Marchesa gown. Just stunning, especially with these killer gold studded ankle boots. Maybe this shouldn’t have worked, given that it is over-the-top princess crazy, but it just did. First prize to Wilde, which brings us nicely to:

Megan Fox in Armani Privé, showing us all, in case there was any doubt, that body-con is well and truly over.