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Fashion at Oxegen 2010

You may have seen these in yesterday’s paper, which also contained a roundup of the weekend’s gigs from various Irish Times journos – check ‘em out on the website – but the fashion spread didn’t fit in all of the …

Tue, Jul 13, 2010, 10:26


You may have seen these in yesterday’s paper, which also contained a roundup of the weekend’s gigs from various Irish Times journos – check ‘em out on the website – but the fashion spread didn’t fit in all of the shots we got, so here’s the full lowdown on the stylish peeps we managed to locate during a one-hour dry window on Saturday . . .

This is Damien Byrne, a visual merchandising manager with Arnotts (does anyone else wish Arnotts would get their own domain, and a decent website, at some stage in the 21st century?). His outfit was particularly well timed for me because I’d just read a piece on the Sartorialist about how not every man can pull off a deep V-necked tee. I like how Damien’s going for a very urban look – something I could imagine catching him in on a Saturday afternoon in Dublin – with the wellies thrown on for good festival measure.

Next up? Vanessa Kilbride, also a visual merchandising manager with Arnotts. You can’t see too well in this pic, but she was wearing really awesome feathered false eyelashes under her eyes, and her hat had been customised by Damien above. The safari feel of her outfit was really perfect for the weather, insofar as anything other than rainproofing can be perfect for the torrential rain we saw this weekend, and her skirt, from Bitching & Junkfood, a vintage label at Arnotts, was a gorgeous summer staple.

Jenny Kelly here is a retail assistant at Miss Selfridge, which is actually one of my favourite high street stores, although it often gets neglected as there’s only one in the city centre, in the Jervis Centre – and, though I work quite close, I rarely get a chance to venture over. Anyway her look was great, and she also looked like she was having a great time, which makes all the difference! Short shorts were definitely the look of the day, but by pairing them with tights she avoided (a) the cold and (b) the over-exposure. It seems like quite a simple outfit, but there’s a lot going on and it all works really well together.

James English is a teacher and, while I do wonder how his trainers looked at the end of the day, he was rocking a great cool blue look in a Topman shirt and Levi’s cut-offs.

Naomi McHale and Maeve Broome, who both work with ESB Energy International, were rocking some of the classiest glamour I saw all weekend (FYI, festivalgoers: glamour does not equal wigs and outrageous make-up and short shorts). As they passed by, I went to grab them for the piece, at which point they sped up until I uttered the fateful words “Irish Times fashion” and they, quite literally, did a 180. Hilarious. Naomi’s Penneys dress worked really well with her lipstick, giving her a kind of old-school glamourpuss look, even with the wellies, and I was loving the accessories clash of Maeve’s Oasis belt with her TK Maxx bag.

You can’t see so well in this photograph either, but Lucy Baines, a student, was wearing the sweetest pair of candy-coloured shorts from Topshop (again, with tights – bravo!), and I love how she’d taken the kind of 1990s check shirt and paired it with the unexpected bright pink of the headband, all of which looked great with her red hair. This, to me, is the ultimate in out-of-the-box thinking, without being in any way ostentatious. You wouldn’t stop in the street and go “wooooooow” but if you take a second, everything really works together.

Lucy’s friend Emily Paisley was rocking one of those T-shirts you see on holiday stalls and overlook – well, no more, I tell you! It was a vintage Marie-Claire cover, the type of logo tee that is right up my alley, and the red in the headline really worked with the grey and black neutrals of her outfit.

Last but not least, Megan Kelly’s bright vest caught my eye – it reminded me of one of those wolf vests that got a bit viral last year, but this River Island version was gorgeous, mainly because of its low scoop neck. Her bag, also from River Island, was a gorgeous denim leather, and reminded me of something Mulberry did a few years back.

So there it is! While a part of me salutes people who made the effort to look fashionable in the rain, the other part of me salutes the people who wore hoodies and two raincoats, and their granny’s wellies, and didn’t really give a hoot what they looked like, so long as they saw who they were there to see. Either way, you’re all heroes and I hope you got some well-earned R&R yesterday!

All photographs by Kenneth O’Halloran