Fantasy Football Tips: Top Players For Round 38 Of The Fantasy Premier League

Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 6:56 am by Phil Mc Grath

Well this is it, the final weekend of the fantasy premier league season and with many leagues hanging in the balance titles will be won and lost this weekend as fantasy managers try to out smart their rivals.

With the bottom three already decided ahead of Sunday’s final day of play it would seem that on Arsenal and Tottenham have anything left to play for and with both side looking to secure the final Champions League spot they are sure to go out gun blazing in an attempt to pick up all three points.

While it is true that fantasy managers should look to invest in both these sides for the final day of the season there are also points to be found elsewhere as teams look to go out on a high.

So with that in mind here are our final fantasy premier league tips of the season, we hope they serve you well and guide you to the top of your league.



Pepe Reina (Liverpool) £4.0 million Fixture: QPR (Home)

Joe Hart (Manchester City) £4.6 Million Fixture: Norwich (Home) Read More…..



Vincent Kompany (Manchester City) £5.2 million Fixture: Norwich (Home) Read More…..

Glen Johnson (Liverpool) £4.2 million Fixture: QPR (Home)

Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) £4.1 million Fixture: Sunderland (Home)

Phil Jones (Manchester United) £4.8 million. Fixture: West Brom (Away) Read More…..



Michu (Swansea) £3.9 million Fixture: Fulham (Home)

Clint Dempsey  (Tottenham) £5.2 million Fixture: Sunderland (Home)

Phillipe Coutinho (Liverpool) £4.1 million Fixture: QPR (Home)

Santi Cazorla (Arsenal) £4.4 million Fixture: Newcastle (Away)



Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) £6.4 million Fixture: QPR (Home)

Lukas Podolski (Arsenal) £6.6 million Fixture: Newcastle (Away)

Andy Carroll (West Ham) £6.5 million Fixture: Reading (Home) Read More…..
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