Gareth Bale- Need I Explain?

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 11:26 am by Phil Mc Grath

Right so it’s heading for round 30 of the Irish Times Fantasy Premier League and you are looking to make up ground on your league opponents right? Well then firstly you should be concerned about not losing ground.

Bale should be well rested come the weekend as he won't take part in Tottenham's Europa League game on Thursday due to suspension.

So if at this stage of the game you have not brought Gareth Bale into your fantasy premier league team that is exactly what is happening, you are losing ground.

Bale was on hand last weekend to produce his first assist since round 14 believe it or not, but not content with just the one the Welsh international picked up another for good measure.

While it had been some time since we saw an assist from Bale, the same couldn’t be said about goals, with seven in his last six and a grand total of 16 for the season to date it is clear to see why just so many fantasy managers have invested in the Tottenham man.

Despite loosing out 3-2 to Liverpool last weekend Bale got in on the points act and with a home game to come against Fulham, a side who’s away form has been unremarkable to say the least the writing looks to be on the wall.

There is also further good news for fantasy managers when it comes to Bale, although Tottenham are in Europa League action on Thursday night when they travel to  Milan with a 3-0 lead, Bale is suspended for this game and therefore shall be well rested for the London derby come the weekend.

It’s quite simple really, there are players you can’t afford and there are players you can’t afford not to have and Bale most certainly falls into the latter.

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