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Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at 4:28 am by Phil Mc Grath

With the rules clearly stating that you can only have 2 players from any one premier league team there are a number of factors that need to be clearly considered . The most important one really only becomes an issue when you look at the top 6 teams from last season, let me explain why.

When it comes to picking your team the obvious choice is to gravitate towards the big teams and the big names as we are fairly sure that these teams and individual players are going to preform and earn us points of course the problem is that we can only have two, so which two do you choose?

Be wary of the big boys

At the first time of asking when it comes to selecting your team the immediate impulse would be to buy for example Sergio Aguero, which of course is fine and a reasonable purchase, the only problem we have now is which other City player do I buy?

Let’s be honest about it the chances are that you will fill your complement of City players with out hesitating, but the dilemma is:

Who will be the second man? 

As we look at their line up there are a number of player that could fill a spot in your team easily, but do you go for an attacking option or a defensive option? With the attacking player most likely to get higher points when they perform the natural thing to do is go for an attacking midfielder like David Silva, but what about your defense? At a minimum you have 4 defenders spots to fill, not to mention your goal keeper. Can you fill these spots with City players? in short the answer is yes, but will the players you bring in get you the points you want and also save you from loosing points by not conceding?

Now that is the million pound question!

Now you are in a whole new ball game, the thought that a week defense could essentially cancel out the hard earned points gained by your midfield and forwards is a frightening prospect and one I imagine will keep fantasy managers awake at night as they run over the possible permutations over and over again.

Well it’s at this point I wish I had the answer for you but I’m afraid I don’t (well not exactly). What I do have is a strategy that could potentially reduce the amount of exposure your defense may suffer, while still being able to field an attacking force to be reckoned with.

Looking at the teams and the fixtures the likely hood is that the top 3-6 clubs will invariably score well and keep a higher percentage of clean sheets than other sides in the league, but as we have just realized you can’t really have it all your own way, so what you can do is look at some of the mid-table teams, who on average last year had both a decent defense and a decent attack and see where their best players play and whether they conceded more than they scored over the course of the season. This will give you an idea of which position a player from these team would best be suited to cover.

Where are the Goals?

Of course you must also consider where the goals come from in all teams and as with United and City the goals inevitability come from messers Rooney and Aguero, but if you look at the likes of Fulham, Chelsea and Tottenham a large portion of their goals came from the midfield, so you can pack the midfield full of goal scoring talent both expensive and cheap the defense with one of each from City and City and then you need only find two cheap defenders with reasonable fixtures that you can transfer in and out over the fixture weeks.

Like I said it’s not an exactly science but hopefully it has made you think about jumping straight for top end strikers and midfielders and then filling your defense full of cheap players.

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