The Irish Times Fantasy Premier League: Fantasy Football Rules & Strategy Evolved

Monday, August 13th, 2012 at 12:27 pm by Paul Caffrey

The Irish Times Fantasy Premier League game has launched, make sure you register a team to be in with a chance to win. There are  more than €9,000 euros worth of prizes up for grabs including cash prizes for each Manager of the Month (€500), 1st place prize of €3,000 and even a Cash Prize for the Team with the Best Name!

No Weekly Transfer Deadline!

The standard weekly transfers deadline is out the window meaning that you can transfer players in/out ahead of the weekend and also between Premier League games too! This means no more getting up early on a Saturday morning or realising as the Premier League games kickoff that you forgot to make much needed changes to your fantasy premier league team.

With the Irish Times Fantasy Premier League you can make changes right up until the kick off of every single game!

So for example, if you have Rooney in your team before the game kicks off he will earn you points and if we imagine that he is playing in the early Saturday game and picks up 5 points, you can then sell him and bring in Aguero before his game kicks off at 3pm and score points for his performance while still keeping the 5 points Rooney earned earlier in the day.

Rules to Make this Fair: One Captain & 3 Free Weekly Transfers Only

So potentially you can bring players in right before their game kicks off at any time during the fixture week. However it is worth noting two points.

  • You can only have one captain over a weekend of fixtures who cannot be changed,so if you transfer out your captain after he plays and replace him with another player, the replacement will not pick up double points.
  • You have 3 transfers to make a week at your disposal that can be made from Tuesday to Monday during a standard week of Premier League fixtures.

This style of game play is the next evolutionary step in fantasy premier league and really gives you a chance to test your skills at a higher level.

You have eleven players on your Irish Times Fantasy Premier League team and each week you face the choice of making transfers early to change players that are injured, suspended or suffering from squad rotation. Your other option is to hold onto your transfers and make changes throughout the weekend in the hope that you can double up on points to make up for your players that might not deliver.

There always the option to keep a transfer or two back for the weekend, we will be talking strategy and tipping players throughout the season. Make sure you come back to the blog on a regular basis.

Register your team for The Irish Times Fantasy Premier League Here before Saturday and be in with a chance of winning €200 for the best team name!

How will you play your 3 Free Weekly Transfers?




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