Why eFibre speeds? Ask your kids

Not everyone instantly grasps the reasons that superfast broadband like eFibre is a good idea. But a quick glance at the next generation makes everything clear.

Thu, June 13th, 12:32


Since last month’s launch of eFibre, eircom’s new superfast broadband service, there’s been a huge amount of interest from customers in getting connected. Clearly fibre-optic broadband at speeds up to 70Mb is hitting a chord with a big segment of the population. But even so, I’ve been asked a couple of times why anyone would want or need such speeds when they have, say, 8Mb at the moment.

The answer, I think, is that the network’s capability usually precedes the services and products that will take advantage of it. To borrow from the Field of Dreams quote, “If you build it, they will come.”

We have seen this very clearly over the last 10-15 years with the rise of video consumption over the internet. When I started work in 1994 it would have been unthinkable to see a music video on-demand from a web site: at home, dial-up internet speeds were measured in kilobits-per-second, not megabits. At the time, even large images were slow to display.

The generation that’s never known anything but the web

Nowadays, my kids’ first port of call for everything they need to know (once they’ve asked Mammy and Daddy of course) is the Internet. They think nothing of it, as they never knew the world without the web.

For businesses, the ability to move large files quickly and to collaborate in real time with remote colleagues is equally transformative. That super-fast home broadband network can enable your staff to work from home when it suits (unless you work in Yahoo, of course…), and still stay connected to what’s going on in the office.

Real-time, high-quality video and voice communications are network-hungry creatures, and to get the great experience that makes people want to use them time and again, you need the bandwidth.

So, do I think we need all this extra speed? Yes, absolutely, I think we do; and if you can’t see yet why you might need it, you’ll find out quick enough – just ask your kids!

How will superfast broadband change what you can do at home, or at work?

Stephen Mulligan is Solution Principal at eircom, specialising in Unified Communications. Contact Stephen on Twitter, or here to discuss how UC can benefit your business. 

Stephen Mulligan

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