Andy O'Kelly

eircom Business Centre

My meeting hell

Whether videoconferencing or audio conferencing, using the right communications tool is the only way to get the best from everyone attending your meeting. And sometimes, face-to-face is the best tool of all.

Why eFibre speeds? Ask your kids

Not everyone instantly grasps the reasons that superfast broadband like eFibre is a good idea. But a quick glance at the next generation makes everything clear.

Five steps to an enabling workplace culture

Every organisation wants a positive, productive workplace where staff are happy in their jobs, but also adaptable and open to new ideas. But what are the tangible steps that can let organisations create this enabling culture?

Why managed services partners must offer more than technology

Choosing an IT managed services provider isn't just about technical capability. Part 2 of my guidance on selecting a provider looks at the crucial issue of culture and mindset, and at the importance of certifications.

Four questions to ask your IT managed services partner

For IT managers looking to partner with managed service providers, it can be unsettling to know their whole resource pool is no longer internal. Here's how to help ensure you get the best from a managed services partnership, without introducing risk.

Tomorrow’s network speeds today

eircom's eFibre launch got me thinking about the ideal technologies: where reliability and performance are so good, they can routinely be taken for granted.

What do your customers really want?

In the past most customer interactions were reactive rather than proactive, but customer analytics are changing all that. How can you use analytics for better insight and service?

Unified Communications – is it a long long way to there from here?

If you're about to embark on your unified communications journey, some starting points are better than others -- and the network is probably the best starting point of all.