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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: March 23, 2011 @ 7:12 pm

    The real Nike ad – Irish style

    Paul Gallagher

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    So, we’ve all had a right good chuckle at the leaked footage of England’s winning Grand Slam promotional video, which was, as we all now know, premature.

    As the slick 30 second promo video quickly went viral after hitting YouTube yesterday, the pranksters among us wasted little time putting together an updated version, complete with guest appearances from messrs O’Connell and O’Driscoll. It’s belly-achingly funny – if you happen to support the boys in green that is.

    It seems Ireland’s famous win over the auld enemy last weekend, and the tut-tut mocking towards England following the leaked Nike ad, has a little more mileage left in the tank. 

    Conor Pope’s story on the leaked Nike ad which appeared on irishtimes.com on Tuesday:

    “Nike rugby ad just blew it” 

    • orieldude says:

      Funny indeed

      But – killjoy alert – people do remember that the 6 Nations Champions are… England; and we are… the Also Rans.

      And that during the 11 years of the ‘Golden Generation’ (copyright Gerry Thornley passim ad nauseum) Ireland have won the Championship once and England?… four times.

      So funny yes, but pretty small-time.

      P.S. A coconut for the first person who calls a couple of gentle reminders ‘begrudgery’.

    • a.commenter says:

      Englands performance aka Premature Capitulation…! snigger…!
      Enjoy the win guys BO’D only knows when it will happen again…no disrespect yer honour…and BO’D giggling like a girl…are we seeing a different side to Captain Fantastic…?

    • David says:

      Ehm, they are not giggling about the English video! This was put together for a laugh by someone not associated with the Irish team!

    • Elaine Wilson says:

      I am surprised and disappointed that BO’D and PO’C should let themselves down like this. It is childish and undignified. Just leave the English with their red faces. That they were so comprehensively beaten should be enough for these players. Remember you are not schoolboys now!

    • Paul says:

      Hi Elaine,
      I’m with David on this one in that “BO’D and PO’C” probably didn’t know much about this latest gag. It clearly looks like some out-takes from a previous promotional video of their own – perhaps with O2.
      Someone looks to have cleverly edited the footage together for a bit of a laugh then posted it up on YouTube.
      No harm intended.
      orieldude makes a fair point as the last laugh could be on “us/Ireland” for England did win the championship afterall.

    • a.commenter says:

      You know the bit where he said…’the pranksters amongst us wasted little time putting together an updated version’…Duh!
      More literal than lateral thinkers here obviously…
      Johnno and co are so up themselves they deserve all the slagging they get…!
      Laugh you jox/rox/sox off guys…you earned it!

    • Mike Buckley says:

      Oh for god’s sake people,get a sense of humor please. This is a mash up done very cleverly and very wittily by someone splicing in some old footage of BOD and POC with the original ad. It’s nothing more than a bit of teasing and fun. I have showed to English friends who loved it. Too much hysterical over sensitivity doing the rounds. One should appreciate genius satire and comedy when one sees it.

    • Anthony Flood says:

      Nike did what any good marketer would do in this situation – be prepared. Albeit it backfired on them. But as I reminded some of my friends back in Ireland this week, this sort of thing happens all the time in commercial sports. I guarantee you, as I write, there are some kids in some disadvantaged part of the world right now wearing “Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl XLV Champions” tee shirts, baseball caps etc. They may or may not be aware of the fact that the Green Bay Packers are in fact Superbowl XLV Champs. When the clock finally wound down on Superbowl XLV, one set of gear was commercially worthless ( and yes, a bit of a joke ), and was destined as a charitable donation. Call it crass commercialization or whatever.

    • John says:

      For those who thought that the lads went into a studio to make a response video to the Nike one within 24 hrs of it’s release, are slightly deranged and totally ignorant! Come on a little common sense would have gone a long way here so never speak of BOD in a bad way without checking your facts first.


    • Pete says:

      The people who are suggesting that BOD knew they were in this video are stupid. It was put together by an amateur using snippets from a different clip. So many ignorant people [sigh]

    • Martin Forde says:

      This is a homemade video, it intertwines previous inability of BOD AND PC to contain their laughter at the launch of the new O2 strip. It was very funny just to watch them giggle like schoolboys and it was very very innocent. This video is very well done and should be taken for what it is, a cracking piss take but totally non-representative of the Irish teams views or actions.

    • Niamh says:


      The clips of BO’D and PO’C laughing are from outtakes when they filmed an ad for an O2 online campaign which some clever, in my opinion, person spliced together with the Nike video. I found it hilarious as has everyone I’ve shown it to over the last few days. And if you really want to get into specifics we’re laughing at Nike and not necessarily England.

    • linda says:

      It is a joke!!!! A very funny one at that. Lighten up a bit and enjoy.

    • Andrew says:

      Guys, take it for what it is……a bit of fun. It should not be seen as a jibe at England, its like any good joke, timing is everything.
      As for the promo ad itself, it wasnt premature, thats what you have to do in order to have something ready in time to capitalise on marketing opertunities. I’d bet that there is an Irish version claiming victory of the six nations in a dark cabinet somewhere also.
      To Elaine,
      the footage of the guys sniggering is a couple of years old. also available on youtube. its also from an old advert. Did the blue screen background not give it away?

      PS: It would still be funny if it were a jibe at the english team after Martin Robinsons B.S. diatribe on Sky news the morning of the match lol

    • Liam Bolger says:

      How can anybody believe that Paul and Brian would set themselves up by being part of the obviously spliced video.
      This was put together by someone with a good sense of humour. Lighten up and enjoy the discomfort. I’m working in London and loving it.

    • Mossy says:

      I think this was made before the match also, they got their hands on the Nike ad and, well you know the rest..

    • a.commenter says:

      I’d like to know what the camera erm… operator (to avoid sexist terms)… said to BO’D…
      The incredulous expression on his face suggests it was something fairly outrageous…that and not being able to hold it together for the shoot…maybe he suggested striking a pose/y similar to that adopted by the ‘Charioteers’…
      that would account for the infectious helpless giggling…!Makes me laugh every time…
      That Nike Ad really is tragic… all that posturing…
      To paraphrase Declan McManus ‘It’s been a bad year for the Roses’…but a ‘Tonic for the (Irish) Troops’…

    • Mark says:

      Elaine, Elaine, Elaine…..(sigh) Disappointed?? BOD and POC didn’t do this! Someone photoshopped them for a joke: you know, short story with an amusing climax? It’s what people do for a bit of fun from time to time. As for the “childish” jibe, perhaps getting the wrong end of the stick so easily might apply?

    • borstalboy says:

      anybody got a spare coconut for orieldude?

    • A.N. Other says:

      I really liked that (and know nothing about sport). Understated, pitying, gentle mockery of arrogance overconfidence and hubris. It’s what the English like to do to everyone else. I know it’s a mashup but you could believe at first glance it was real. Would outright jeering and cat-calling have been as effective? Not by half.

    • jaygee says:

      Very funny and no harm done. I laugh every time I see it. C’mon everybody it’s a clever little piece of work. Kudos to the artist, and many thanks for the laughs.

    • Alf says:

      So hilarious !

      Thanks for putting this up guys

    • IrishChic says:

      Now this was funny!

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