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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 30, 2010 @ 7:29 pm

    FAI ready to share the pain

    Noel O'Reilly

    It’s hardly going to lift the mood of a nation on its knees, but the news that Giovanni Trapattoni will be taking a pay cut shows the FAI has not lost complete touch with the Irish public. For an organisation that is still attempting, albeit forlornly, to foist exorbitant 10-year tickets upon an unwilling market this is to be welcomed.

    Trapattoni currently earns in the region of €1.8 million a year – of which at least €1 million is funded by the businessman Denis O’Brien – so a modest reduction in his pay packet is hardly going to lead him to the doors of the poor house.

    But coming on the back of redundancies at Abbotstown – 13 members of staff  lost their jobs last week while the rest of the rank and file suffered pay cuts – the powers that be needed to show he had at least a modicum of “solidarity” with his employers’ current plight.

    John Delaney is also ready and willing to share the pain, and with a salary that had crept over €400,000 (over €100,000 more than the US President is paid) in recent years, the chief executive can afford to.

    Delaney declined to furnish the public with exact details of his pay cut, as indeed did Trap, but promised to do so at a later date. As the devil is in the detail, we look forward to him doing so.

    • Beanz says:

      10% of €1.8m is not quite the same as 10% of €20000.

    • casius says:

      This is a small step towards correction, but the idea that 5% is enough is deluded. It is playing around the edges. Private sector salaries are being cut in the region of 20% to 30% at the higher end, ie above 50k. If John Delaney wants to set an example, he should set an example and not pat himself on the back for a minor adjustment that will do little if anything to make a difference.

    • de profundis says:

      England knocked out in first round of World Cup bid…lolololololowheeezzzelololololol…they’re gah’ed (gutted)….lolololololwheeezzze….!

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