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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: November 3, 2010 @ 8:45 pm

    Numbers don’t add up in Domenech case?

    Noel O'Reilly

    “My client has no acrimony, no resentment, no hatred. He just wants his rights to be respected.” The words of Jean-Yves Conesson, who will represent Raymond Domenech when he takes his case for wrongful dismissal to a French employment tribunal.

    The cost of not respecting Domenech’s rights? A cool €2.9 million, merci beaucoups.

    Not for the first time, we here at Dead Rubber find ourselves a little confused. Perhaps we’re missing something but wasn’t Domenech’s contract due to expire at the end of the World Cup, regardless of how France fared.

    That Les Bleus campaign would descend into farce and the manger would come home a laughing stock would have no bearing on that as Laurent Blanc had already been lined up to replace him.

    He was, however, due to retain a position on the FFF board as a technical adviser, a role that would earn him a reported €10,000 a month. But that hardly explains the scale of his claim.

    According to Connesson, he wants wants €2.9 million spread over two payments. The first €400,000 is compensation for his dismissal, with the remainder of the cash due to compensate him for professional and moral prejudice to the tune of three years salary.

    Now we’re no experts in employment law but if his new salary was only due to total €120,000, where does the €2.5 million figure come from? Clearly we’re missing something, just not sure what.

    • maeliosa stafford says:

      All I can add to poor mnsr Domenech’s woes is a salutary ‘sorry for your troubles’. At least we can take something from the whole sorry saga of his 1 year employment extension… that it is finally over, and he is left grubbing in the dirt for his paypacket!… and we have retained signor Trappatoni, who held the nations self respect higher than the debacle that precipitated mnsr Domenech’s downfall. Vive la justice! A bientot mnsr Domenech.

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