Candidate advice

Is your CV underselling you? It’s an unfortunate fact that CVs often don’t match the candidates who created them.
Finding a new job takes more than just talent Every job spec lists the minimum requirements for the role
How to answer the ‘what are your salary expectations?’ question It’s a question most jobseekers dread
Why being out of work can make it harder to succeed at interviews When you’ve been out of work for a while, it shows
4 steps to landing that dream job It all starts with a simple question. What is your dream job?
Embarrass yourself before the interview instead of during it There is nothing worse than drawing a blank in a job interview.
Preparation is the key to Skype interview success Skype interviews are no longer just a growing trend in the Irish jobs market; they have become a common occurrence
What questions should you ask in a job interview? It’s surprising how many candidates continue to make the mistake of not asking questions during job interviews

Lisa Holt

The Irish Times