Why would you leave a job you love?

It’s easy to leave certain jobs

Thu, July 24th, 10:13


A micromanaging boss, unfulfilling work, a small salary or plain boredom; people leave jobs they hate for a variety of reasons, usually doing it with little regret and plenty of enthusiasm. In fact, many people spend every moment they’re not working the job they hate searching for a way out.

However, hating your job isn’t the only reason to move to a new one. The most lucrative, most successful moves you make in your career will be the ones that take you out of a job that you love. When you do a job you love, you naturally work harder, succeed more often and are much more attractive to employers. Inevitably though, if you love your job, it is harder to move on.

Ask yourself, why would you leave a job you love?

For a better one

The simple answer is that you are only likely to leave for a role that you perceive to be better than your current role. However, your perception of what constitutes a better job will not be the same as others. If you really love your job, that better opportunity will have to be a personal one.

No matter how happy you are in your current role, there will be at least one factor that could be improved. It could be a seemingly minor factor like your commute. If you love your job but find your family life is heavily disrupted by your daily travel time, the opportunity to do a very similar job five minutes from your front door would be a huge opportunity for you.

On the other hand, there may be a specific challenge that you aren’t getting from your current role. If you find yourself contributing to projects that you would prefer to lead, a move to a smaller or less established organisation could be your ideal opportunity.

Find that one thing

When you look at a new opportunity, don’t try to compare it directly to your current role or try to balance the value in terms of title, salary or brand. Think about what this opportunity can give you that you don’t already have. If that thought excites you; then you need to think seriously about the rest of the role.

Even if you love your job, there is probably another role out there that offers more. If you find it, you might discover that it’s a lot easier to leave your current role than you thought.

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Eoin Keenan

The Irish Times