The wrong way to contact a recruiter on LinkedIn

Given the pervasiveness of social media in our lives at present, candidates have discovered an entirely new method of reaching recruiters

Tue, December 3rd, 12:27


Many recruitment companies are beginning to explore the benefits of professional social sites such as LinkedIn, which allows them to search for candidates and quickly assess their suitability for a role. Jobseekers can engage with recruiters and keep up to date with the latest opportunities in their industry of choice. When a candidate has discovered a reputable recruiter that places people in their ideal role, subscribing to their feeds and following their company’s group is an excellent means of networking with them directly.

Recruitment consultants expect to receive direct messages from candidates requesting advice and assistance with their job search. Most recruiters will be happy to share their wisdom and possibly shop their CV around if they have a range of suitable roles for them. However, it is important that candidates understand how best to approach a recruiter, because some networking communications techniques may not be appreciated.

Many candidates make the common mistake of believing a recruiter finds jobs for people, when in fact they are tasked with finding suitable candidates to fill roles for clients. It is important for you to conduct some research before contacting the recruiter – try to find some roles that are of interest to you. Once you’ve found the kinds of jobs you’d like to be put forward for, you can proceed with making contact with the recruiter and highlight these roles to them specifically.

No doubt the recruiter has an extensive list of contacts at the company you are looking to work for, but rather than have them sift through their database, try conducting your own LinkedIn search. If you are determined to work for this company, you will most likely already be aware of the departments and business areas most in line with your ambitions and career goals. By searching in this way, you may find hiring managers and HR personnel within the company that can be of some help to you. At that point you can then send them an introduction request on LinkedIn.

Another incorrect way for a candidate to contact a recruiter is to randomly request assistance with their CV. If a recruiter was to drop everything to help every person who contacted them to improve their CV, they would have no time to do their job. Developing a strong CV and tailoring it to each employer you contact takes time and careful planning. Instead, you should arrange a meeting with a professional career consultant who can help you develop your CV, a recruiter will most likely refer you to one of them for career advice and support.

Graham Burns

The Irish Times