Cpl Employment Market Monitor Report of 2013 reveals jobs growth and employment trends

Cpl is delighted to unveil our second Employment Market Monitor Report of 2013.

Thu, October 10th, 09:27


Produced in conjunction with Ronan Lyons, Assistant Professor in Economics at TCD, the report aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of Ireland’s latest employment trends across several key areas of the FDI space; these industries include IT, Science, Engineering & Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Retail, Accountancy and Banking & Finance.

The report also highlighted a change in employer sentiment and recruitment habits with particular emphasis on sourcing high-value candidates for difficult-to-fill roles. This trend was particularly evident with 71% of survey respondents stating that they were more inclined to hire a currently employed candidate over an unemployed one. Although many jobseekers may be discouraged by such findings, I believe that this further highlights the importance of remaining close to the jobs market through volunteering, activation programmes and internships.

In addition, this month’s analysis revealed a number of encouraging developments in the jobs market; in particular, we have observed a welcome rise in jobs growth in the Science, Engineering and Supply Chain sectors, which have more than doubled job postings in the last 12 months. The majority of candidates being sought after in these segments include Process Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Validation Scientists and Technical Service Scientists. 2013 has already recorded a considerable rise in the employment index reading, which now stands at 144.6. This marks the third consecutive year there has been such an increase, up from 118.4 in 2012 and 100 in 2011.

The findings revealed a noteworthy rise in the number of jobs posted throughout this quarter when compared to the previous quarter. In all, the number of jobs posted over the year-to-September increased by 39%.

Jobseekers are also urged to practice a measure of restraint with how they present themselves online through social networks. The Monitor Report revealed that 60% of employers actively conduct social media background checks on prospective candidates. The quality and content of the social media footprint of jobseekers is becoming an ever more influential determining factor as to whether an employer hires or rejects a candidate. Jobseekers are encouraged to refrain from posting inappropriate photographs or status updates on their social networks and should instead focus on cultivating a strong professional LinkedIn presence.

60% of employers also indicated a preference for recruitment agencies as their primary means of sourcing new talent. Respondents cited the benefits of partnering with a recruitment company, recognising that there is no cost incurred during the candidate screening phase until a new hire has been made.

To view Cpl’s full Employment Market Monitor Report, please visit our website.

Anne Heraty

The Irish Times