How to impress your new boss

When starting a new job, everyone faces the same settling in period within the business.

Tue, August 20th, 09:57


From just familiarising yourself with the culture and dynamics of the company, to something as simple as getting to know your new colleagues, it’s all about adapting and learning. Employers expect new starters to take some time before they are fully up to speed with their role and the inner workings of the business. In the first few weeks, it is important for you to make a strong impression, in order for management to feel justified in their decision to recruit you.

During your probation period, you should strive to showcase your key attributes and skills, while also demonstrating the value you can bring to the organisation.

The following is a list of 5 useful tips to help you impress your new boss.

Be punctual: Repeatedly being late for work is never a good thing and this is particularly true when starting a new job. The employer will begin to get the impression that you are ill-disciplined, unmotivated and disinterested in your work. Frequent tardiness will most likely lead to a disciplinary meeting with your immediate supervisor. However, consistently showing up for work on time will establish you as a reliable, dedicated and enthusiastic employee.

At the same time, on those rare occasions where you cannot help but be late for work due to unforeseen circumstances, you should always make an effort to call your boss in advance and explain the situation. If your reasons are genuine and out of your control, you can always make arrangements to work your time back.

Demonstrate a positive attitude: Many busy office workplaces can be pressurised and stressful environments, the best employees are the ones who can maintain a positive demeanour and take all challenges in their stride. Being able to remain composed and objective in high pressure situations is a genuine asset for any employee. Positive employees help to create a productive and tension-free workplace.

Show initiative: Your new boss is sure to take notice if you demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills that are of benefit to the business. This highlights your proactive nature, makes you stand out as a self-starter and underlines your motivation to improve your own productivity. An employer appreciates an employee who is highly driven to succeed.

Take accountability: If you have made a promise to a client, customer or fellow colleague, always strive to keep that promise. The most invaluable employees are the ones who are able to manage important projects, tight deadlines and deliver to a high standard. An employer will look favourably on those individuals who take responsibility for the quality and calibre of their work.

Exude integrity: Everyone makes mistakes at some point or another – we’re all human. Messing up on an important project is unfortunate and certainly something that we should all strive to avoid, however, in those situations, the values of humility and honesty are important. By taking ownership of your mistakes, you will allow your boss to appreciate your professional integrity.

Peter Cosgrove

The Irish Times