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Margaret from Arklow asked:

My son got his 5th choice in Ucd, his first four choices were history based in Trinity , he had 520 points and thought he was well covered as last years points ranged from 485 to 515, when they offer in the second round do they go to your second choice or do they look at all your choices.Also I can’t seem to find what the actual 2012 points were with the joint subjects. seem to find the 2012

Caroline from Wexford asked:

I got 540 points in the leaving and was hoping to do physiotherapy in UCD. However the points for this course skyrocketed an extra 20 this year leaving no hope for that! However my second choice is also physio in the Royal College of Surgeons which rose to 545 points this year but this course was not offered to all applicants who scored 545 points. I am getting one subject rechecked and all going well, will gain another 5 points. My question is if I do manage to get an extra 5 points in the recheck, is it possible to then get into the Royal College of Surgeons for physiotherapy or are they in any way compelled to offer a place on this course if after the recheck the correct points were obtained? Bearing in mind of course that all applicants that scored 545 originally did not get offered a place.

Colm asked:

I got my third choice, not too keen on the course and was wondering if I accept the current college offer and if I am still elgible to receive second round offers?

Una from dublin asked:

My son has received his second level 8 choice in Sports management and first choice in level 7 in leisure management, however he also has a place secured on a PlC course in his sport of choice. Can he defer on his CAO offer until next year siting taking up the PLC course as the reason for deferral? is it preferable to accept the level broader based course? thank you.

Pauline from Wexford asked:

My son has missed out on his first choice by a few points and has been offered his second choice. If he accepts the current offer is it still possible that he will be offered his first choice in round two offers? If he does not accept the current offer will he still be elligable be considered for second round offers?

emma from Dublin asked:

I received an offer for one of my least perferences. I am 5 points away from my first perference. Do I reject my first offer or do nothing in the hope of receiving my first preference in the next round of offers.

yvonne asked:

i got 485 in my lc but was 10 points short my first choice for german and economics in trinity,if i appealed some of my subjects and while they were being remarked,i got offered my first choice in round 3 and accepted it,but when the rechecks came back and i was downgraded,would i loose my place on my fist choice?thanks

Paula from Mayo asked:

In quite a predicament! I was hoping to study Medicine this year, received 580 points in leaving cert and a score of 169 in Hpat, leaving me with an overall score of 725, 12 points short of Galway. I have considered, like many others, taking a year out to focus on repeating Hpat and hopefully improve my score and apply for a place in 2013. However, I fear that I will not be able to improve my Hpat score that substantially and I am now considering repeating the Leaving Cert also to give me the best possible chance. Would it be worth my while to repeat the Leaving Cert also?? I have been informed that it is very difficult to increase leaving Cert points over 580! Very Confused!!!

Orla from Wexford asked:

I recieved 425 in my leaving cert and was offered my 1st choice Law and Society in DCU but i no longer want my first choice i want my third choice. My third choice is Business is DCU is there any way of changing my course internally as they are both in DCU?

Mary from Kildare asked:

My daughter wants to do nursing. She got 375 points in LC. She has a place on a pre-nursing course in Inchicore. If she does the pre nursing course what are the chances of her getting nursing in a Dublin uni next year? Also, will she need to defer her cao offer this year and re-apply to CAO next year?Thank you

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